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Jane and Ziggy are checking out the ocean. It's dinner time, and he wants pizza.

Amabella is very sad to hear Chloe isn't coming to her party due to a conflict. Even she knows that if Chloe doesn't go to her party, others will follow suit.

Renata wants to kill Madeline.

Perry ran into Reid Whittaker who told him they were almost invited to a birthday party. Celeste tells him about Disney on Ice and he wonders why he's not going and why it wasn't discussed. Maybe he wanted to share time with his family after a week away from home.

Choking her is probably the answer. Who hurts who more? Celeste by planning things to deliberately be away from her or him by choking her?

Right after Celeste screams at Perry that she will leave him if he ever touches her like that again, we get a 5 second brief on the investigation. Connection alert!

Madeline, Ed and Chloe are doing their family tree.

Renata calls Chloe to tell Madeline that it was wrong to exclude Ziggy Chapman from the party, especially since Amabella is so fond of Chloe. Chloe gets so excited about the possibility of going. She begs but gets nothing.

On the way to Disney on Ice the kids are forced to listen to Carole King while the moms drink champagne.

At the party, Gordon's having a good time, but Renata wants to put a clamp on that.

The party goes south when Bonnie starts dancing with Renata and she gets a little on the sexy side.

Abigail and Ed talk about Madeline's agitation.

It was Ziggy's night for Harry the Hippo and he took him to Frozen on Ice. He and Jane left him behind. Jane freaks out.

Abigail is called to the principal's office.

Madeline meets with the play fella. She wants to bring in Celeste to fight to keep Avenue Q alive.

Madeline's called into Abigail's school. There, she learns she's under stress at home. She has a burden to be perfect. Abigail is a pain in the ass. Abigail feels like Madeline is grooming her to get to a place she couldn't and wants to go to live with her dad. She can't be herself at home. Divorce is so god damned convenient.

I love how Ms. Brewster is hidden in the dark under the lamp like a demon.

Ed reminds Madeline her only crime was raising such a strong-willed and wonderful daughter.

Perry approaches Celeste in the shower with a diamond necklace. He promises to get better and they sex it up, her bruises on full display.

Renata is worried about Amabella, but also about herself and becoming someone she never wanted to be. Gordon wants to rip her clothes off and fuck her right there. If she wants to freefall, he's with her.

Perry and Celeste go to therapy. Celeste talks about how the love each other very much, too much, and have too much passion, making things volatile. At first, neither wants to give up a physical expression of anger, but Perry tries to express it in the physical sense with making love, even though there is anger mixed up in it. But he's interested in talking about it, even if it's not entirely truthful.

Perry is afraid of losing Celeste because she can have any man she wants. Jealousy might be an issue, and she's not always happy. That terrifies him. He always thought she would just go through him, outgrow him or figure him out. The day would come when she would just not love him anymore.

He's constantly looking for evidence. Celeste looks appalled as he's talking. She gave up everything for him. He brings up the time she said she would leave him. Another, albeit not quite truthful comment from Perry reveals he grabbed her by the shoulders quite hard.

When she gets physical, Celeste feels shame. They get physical and then have angry, passionate sex and then things are fine.

Renata and Gordon choosing the bathroom didn't make a difference in the office knowing whether they were going at it.

The town decided on the trivia night extravaganza being a costumed affair celebrating Audrey Hepburn and Elvis Presley.

Bonnie and ?? talk with Maddie afterward about Abigail moving in with them.

Ziggy gets a homerun in T Ball.

Abigail is packing up her entire room, leaving virtually nothing behind. That's weird.

All the excitement of Ziggy's success is sucked out when he reminds Jane they have to do his family tree. Luckily, Jane is up for the challenge and heads over with poster board and other supplies to help out.

Ziggy, though, wants to know about his dad. It's funny how something so insignificant can be so significant. Madeline never meant to cause the kerfluffle, but it doesn't take much to bring something like that on.

The scene opens on Jane recalling Ziggy's father. Running on the beach in the man's footsteps. He's gone. She has no idea where he disappeared to. He told Jane his name was Saxon Banks.

They met in a bar. He was funny and sexy and in a hotel room overlooking the ocean, a romantic moment turned aggressive. Jane was raped and stopped resisting because she thought he would kill her.

The discussion with Madeline is the first time she ever spoke about it aloud. She'll never be over it, but she has to keep moving forward. That kid is going to have a good life, but the name of his father is not going on that fuckin' poster board.

Madeline has to pull over on the way home to lose her shit.

Renata gets home and realizes how much she loves the view from their home. Then she thanks Gordon for desiring her today instead of just having sex.

Jane has a very vivid vision of someone breaking into her home and how long it takes her to get her gun.


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Big Little Lies Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

I will leave you. You touch me like that again and I will FUCKING leave you!!


Gordon: Honey, he tried to choke her. She's afraid of him. How could we possibly invite him?
Renata: Yeah, but with Chloe MacKenzie not coming, and...fucking Madeline!