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This time it's Jane dreaming about the night of Perry's death, but it's also Celeste in her dreams who seems to be the mastermind of the lie.

Celeste is experiencing dreams of her own about Perry to a much different degree.

Nathan runs into Ed and apologizes for his behavior at the party. Ed doesn't believe him and doesn't understand why Nathan can't just be comfortable with them disliking each other. Nathan thinks the whole planet is inhabited by nut fucks.

Celeste is learning the details of the proceedings to relieve her of custody. To get brownie points, Mary Louise discusses her concerns with the judge. She's not an angry mother-in-law on the loose, she says. 

Celeste is pissed that her attorney said nothing in response. She thinks she looks like an unsympathetic respondent, but her attorney assures her the judge will see through Mary Louise's bullshit.

The opposition will do any and everything to get her to react because being unhinged is paramount to Mary Louise getting custody.

Bonnie jogs, but her mind is always on all of the evidence she feels is piling up against her from the detective showing up everywhere to Mary Louise's snide looks.

She's snuggled on a chair at her mother's bedside in the hospital, but when her father joins, they exchange uncomfortable looks. All is not well between them.

Madeline and Ed are on the way to their retreat. He's unconvinced it will be worthwhile and isn't impressed when Madeline begins singing Natural Woman whiile in the car.

Celeste and Renata are discussing Celeste's situation, and Renata wants to take a crack at Mary Louise as she's determined that the quickest way to get this resolved is for Mary Louise to drop the case. 

Her assistant interrupts with news that Renata will not be included in the Women in Power piece. It's the bankruptcy. It's not the piece they're writing. Renata doesn't take it well.

At school, a kid picks on Ziggy who is just sitting there playing with a caterpilar. When the twins stand up for Ziggy and the kids calls their dad a rapist, all hell breaks out.

The three brothers get Brian McPherson into the fence and pound the hell out of him. He's in the hospital getting his lip stitched when the principal tells Jane and Celeste all four are getting suspended.

Ziggy tells Jane that Brian said his father is a rapist.

Bonnie gives her mother a sponge bath while recalling moments from her childhood. She recalls specifically the time her mother grabbed her in the bathroom. 

Kissing her mother's hand, she begins to see the same vision Elizabeth had been seeing before her stroke.

Ed and Madeline are supposed to work the room giving people hugs. The looks on their faces says it all. Their conversation on the way home is deep, as Ed realizes Madeline's faults, and she's only just beginning to realize them herself.

Renata invites Mary Louise over for tea. Mary Louise is thankful that Renata understands her position, but she was hoping tea was about tea without an agenda. She guesses people don't do that anymore. Maybe they'll make an app for that.

Mary Louise gets to dig at Renata over losing her furniture and for working and missing out on all of her daughter's activities.

Celeste talks with the boys about the fight. Violence is not the answer, she says. She wonders if they think it is, and then Josh tells her to stop being such a bitch. It tears at Celeste who wants them to respect her and not to have learned the opposite from their father.

Celeste tells them about Mary Louise's plans. They don't want to live with grandma. She assures them they will be living at home.

Chloe finds Ed cooking in the kitchen and leans in for a hug. It breaks them both just a little bit.

Bonnie is doing a strange yoga class at the studio when her dad arrives. He wants to move his wife to another hospital because he's worried the doctor's aren't doing enough.

She's surprised he's "showing up" not and that sets off an argument. Bonnie thinks he didn't protect her enough, but she knows. She was there.

Mary Louise's lawyer wants to settle with joint custody. It lights the fire under Celeste's ass, and I hope she's going to dig a little into Mary Louise's background.

Her lawyer thinks it's a decent offer. She thinks weekends with Mary Louise is a win. Then she brings up Perry's death. It will come up.

Celeste calls the girls together about Farber is an agent for the police. With all of their names on the witness list, Renata realizes it's a purgery trap. Madeline thinks if they stick together, it will be fine.

Jane is going to take Ziggy hiking with Max and Josh. They're suspended, after all. He worries he's going to grow up to be like his dad. She assures him that won't happen.

Bonnie finds a book from Nathan on the treadmill, and calls out to him. He's at the hospital. Martin shares with Bonnie that he tried to protect them all from the rage.

Celeste explains more to the boys about why Mary Louise wants them to stay there. They're going to see a therapist. She wants them to say they like living here. They want to protect her and will say whatever she wants them to say. She says to tell the truth that they want to live there. 

Truth with a caveat.

Renata has Amabella home to spend the day with her, but Amabella worries about money. Their day off is because they're broke, isn't it? Renata has given her the impression life is all about money.

Madeline and Abigail are out for ice cream when they run into Mary Louise. Madeline can't help but give ML a piece of her mind.

Jane is at Corey's house, and she's interested in getting busy.

When she tells him to touch her, he want to know if she's sure. She breaks down.

Jane thinks it's amazing Celeste was still able to enjoy sex all that time despite everything.

When Bonnie visits her mom, she's not nearly as talkative, wanting Bonnie to kill her.

Mary Louise connives, Madeline reflects, Celeste and Jane enjoy time with the kids, Bonnie contemplates, and Ed meets up with Tori at a bar.

Bonnie stands outside of the police department while Tori rubs her grubby hands all over Ed.

Tori eyes another man across the bar. They want a three-some? And Bonnie sees someone leaving the police station. It's Corey.

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Big Little Lies Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

This whole fuckin' world's lost its mind. This whole fuckin' planet is inhabited by nut fucks!


Nathan: Why do you have to be such a fuck?
Ed: I don't have to be. I choose to be. See, not everybody gets along, Nathan. Can't we just be comfortable not liking each other? There doesn't have to be a reason.