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While Margene and Barb beg Bill to talk to Nicki, he still refuses to.  Nicki is staying at the Big House with Alby still, and he loves having his sister around.  Margene then kidnaps Barb on a fake trip to costco and ends up taking her to see Nicki.  Though Lura really wants them to take Nicki when they arrive, Marg manages to be too nasty to Nicki and she decides to stay.  After they return home, Bill decides to set up a lunch meeting with Nicki.  On her way out, Nicki runs into JJ to offers to introduce Nicki to "her," who we presume is their child together.  She refuses his offer and comes home and goes to lunch with Bill, where she expects to hear him ask her to come home, but instead says he wants a divorce.  When she hears he didn't discuss it with Barb and Margene, she begs them to convince him to let her stay.  Although Margene takes her side, Barb is still too angry.   That night, during a night of passion, Bill sleeps with Nicki, but it doesn't matter, the next night he says Roman has agreed to unseal him and Nicki.  Again, Nicki goes to her sister wives, but they seem to blow her off.

Barb, meanwhile, gets an unexpected visit from Mormon church leaders, Bishop Devery and Stake President Davis.  They asks her if she's in a polygamous relationship and she answers honestly.  Barb goes to her mother and Cindy and begs them to take her to their temple to take her endowments, she needs it now.  She gets into the Celestial Room and breaks into tears and admits she's about to be ex-communicated.  Cindy basically admits she set her up.  Barb later on in the episode admits to Bill that she misses the Church and she feels they're going to float int he Outter Darkness.

Hollis Greene, meanwhile, aprroaches Ted and his daughter about the letter and Ted runs inside with his daughter. Ted then sets up Bill by having a meetith Jerry where he asks for 10% of the company to get the permits going.  While Ted is gone, Greene's men return with a van and kidnap his daughte rwhile she's out playing.  Bill and Barb, despite all Ted and Cindy have done to them, show up in their hour of need.  Bill manages to work out a deal with Roman to get their daughter back.  Bill is going to get Roman to get Hollis to agree to take the letter of authentication in lieu of the actual letter if he gets the DA, Ray, to release Roman.  Cindy apologizes to Barb and says she didn't realize how important the Chuch was to her.

Meanwhile, Joey is still very much mourning the loss of Kathy, and the prescene of her twin sister Jodean is clearly haunting her.  It certainly doesn't help when Wanda gets her to wear her hair like Kathy did.  While at the barn, Joey ends up kissing Jodean and she takes off in the truck.  At the end of the episode, Bill comes and finds Joey hiding in the barn and when he tells him about the deal he cut with Roman, Joey disowns him.  The episode ends with Bill falling through the Barn loft and just staring into stars.. most likely symbolizing the Outter Darkness that Barb is fearful of.

Oh and did we mention Sarah almost had sex with Scott again until Nicki walked in on them?  Oh and Ben punched him? And Bill told him to never come near the house again?  Some boys never learn.

Big Love
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