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Bill, Ted and Ciny are meeting with Ray and his team to discuss the exchange of the letter for Kim Lee with Roman and Hollis.  Bill convinces Ray to delay arresting the Greenes until after Roman thinks they got away in order to get them to sell out Roman on Kathy's murder.  Barb and Cindy sit at home waiting fo the exchange, and Cindy apologizes for the ex-communication and wants to put it behind them.  Meanwhile, Bill heads out with Roman for the exchange, but the driver makes a turn away from the corect dropout.  Roman plans on doing the exchange but on his terms.  They meet up with the Greenes, but when Hollis isn't sold on the seal (it's not raises, it's a sticker).  He wants Roman to bow down in front of him to prove it's real but he refuses.  The Greenes call of the exchange, but Selma shows some sign of wanting to tive the girl back.  Having failed to do the exchange, Roman calls Selma to set up a time to hand the girl over.

Now, Roman ends up telling Bill that the letter was actually a fake he made.. and now Alby has taken over the family business of making fake letters and selling them to the Church.  Ray plans on arresting Selma after the exchange and again Bill tries to covince him to do it after so Roman thinks the Greenes are safe.  Ray isn't interested and this time tells him he's putting a tracking device on the car and will arrest Bill and Nicki if Bill deviates from the plan. Bill ends up switching over to his car that Don dropped off and has the driver continue with the tracking device to the original drop off.  Bill, meanwhile, takes Roman with him.  

Adaleen, with news from Alby that Bill knows about Kathy's murder, calls Roman and tells him not to trust Bill.  When they get to the drop off, Roman pulls a gun on Bill and takes control.  He throws away Bills cell phone and yells at Selma to run after they get back Kim Lee.  Selma retreats but Don spots her and when he's unable to reach Bill he chases after it.  With Selma in custody, she testifies to Roman's involvment in Kathy's murder.  With Kim Lee back, Ted tries to say that he and Bill can go forward with business as usual.  Bill tells him sorry, but he's already given 5% to BYU but told them his condition was no more Ted.

Nicki, meanwhile, moves out of the house and leaves the boys behind, telling them she'll be back for dinner.  Nicki goes to the compound where she and Alby joke around about what to do with Roman when he returns.  Alby suggests killing their parents.  JJ barges in on their meeting with a young girl... Cara Lynn.  We knew it.  Nicki later goes outside to Cara Lynn as she's playing with a toad outside and finds out that her parents want her to leave school and get married already oh and that Malinda is not her mother and asks why Nicki left her.  Boo yah, we totally knew this was her daughter.  When it's been days since Nicki was supposed to return to her children, an angry Barb goes out to the compound to confront her.  Nicki comes clean about leaving JJ and her daughter behind and cries to Barb.  Barb takes Nicki to see Cara Lynn.

Margene, meanwhile, goes to get coached for her home shopping network debut on QVC.  The lady tells her she needs to dress the part so Margene sells her car to get the money to buy a wardrobe.  Bill is extremely pisses that Margene sells the car (at half its value) without talking to him.  However, Margie ends up going on the QVC and completely selling out of her braclets!

Sarah, meanwhile, asks Scott to marry her and he eventually accepts!  Barb and Ben try to talk them out of it, but Bill of all people give them permission.  He doesn't care as long as Sarah loves him... plus since they already had pre-matiral sex this makes it right.

The family ends up taking their own communion and Nicki returns home with Cara Lynn to participate.

Oh and Alby attempts to kill his parents using a letter bomb but a maid ends up setting it off, injuring him and her.  Joey, then, out of nowhere sneaks into Roman's room at the end and suffocates him!

Big Love
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