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Sitting together in their own newfound church - The Henrickson’s have started their own church and Bill is the leader. Don and his family have also joined.

The FBI brake into Adaleen’s house asking where Roman Grant is - obviously no one knows that he is dead.

Alby follows a stranger into the woods. This stranger, Dale, is the same man that represents the state in the matter of Roman’s 200 million dollar estate.

Margene’s business is still going strong, but she is slipping. Because of her home life, her personal career life isn’t doing as well as she had once hoped. Her boss gives her a warning to get back on track.

Nicki’s daughter has been staying with her and is about to start school as a freshman. The bond between them has grown drastically.

The FBI invade Nicki's home and tell her that Grant has been putting money in a separate account under her name. She swears to them and her family that she knows nothing about this.

Later on that day, her ex-husband JJ comes back to get their daughter. The daughter tells her father that she only wants to stay for the education and will leave when he wants to go.

Nicki gets a phone call from her mother asking her to bring a generator to the compound.  When she gets there, her mom sends her down to the meat cellar to get some bacon. There Nicki finds the body of her dead father.

Unsure what to do, Nicki goes to Alby for help. He ends up bringing the dead body to Bill’s property and calls the FBI as an anonymous tip that Roman’s body is there.

Everything starts to unravel around Bill. On the night of their grand opening for the casino, he has to deal with Roman’s dead body and a frantic Nicki. He leaves Barb in charge of the opening.  Kenny Roger was stared to come on as the guest performer, but his flight was delayed so Ben and his group end up showcasing the opening of the casino.

Things are finally running smoothly. Bill and Nicki eventually make it back to the casino as it is just closing up. Bill is ecstatic that they made it out big and the four of them say a small prayer of thanks. Just as he is about to congratulate this partners, they show him Roman’s hat.  Even when Roman is dead, there is no peace in sight for Bill.

Big Love
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Big Love Season 4 Episode 1 Quotes

I know this place will feel like home, even if they don't know where there home is.


I truly believe this church will be like Bono to the starving people.