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Joey and Bill are headed to Mexico, but Bill lies to Barb and tells them that they are in Seattle.  Bill tries to get the government to send out men to look for his family.  After a day of searching they come back with the news that the Green’s definitely have Ben, Lois and Frank, but the police will not barge in because it is on lock-down.

Barb goes to visit Ana and basically threatens her that if she leaves the country with Bill’s baby, Barb will involve the police.  This does not make Ana’s fiancé happy and he tells Margene that he knows what this type of scandal can do for Bill since he is running for office.

Back at the casino,  Barb is freaking out because someone from the Evangelical church planted a bomb.  Tommy and Barb blame it on the main Evangelical church, but he said that he is in Scotland. After trying to get a hold of Marilyn for days, Barb puts two and two together and realizes that Marilyn is in cahoots with the Church.  Barb desperately wants Bill to come home, but Bill will barely even answer her calls.

 Meanwhile, at the Green compound, Hollis has set up a mock trial for the Henrickson’s. Basically, Hollis wants some sort of justification for killing them. He first kills the bird seller. Once he finds out that Bill is running for office, he decides that he wants to set a meeting up with him.

Frank’s wife sneaks into the compound to save the gang. She calls Bill and lets him know that they are okay. Before Bill knows it, she gets caught and Hollis hears that Bill is about two hours away. Hollis realizes he is being set up.

Nicki is having a hard time getting pregnant, so she goes and visits her doctor. He tells her that she has an unhappy uterus and basically has secondary infertility. The news shocks and saddens her, but what really hit’s the nail on the head is when Nicki’s mom comes over and tells her that she is pregnant. Given that Nicki just found out that she is infertile, she doesn’t find this amusing in the slightest. 

Adaleen tells Nicki about JJ’s son who is a doctor on the compound. He helped her get pregnant and Adaleen knows that he can also help Nicki.

 Bill and Joey decide to go break in and rescue them without the help of the police.  Bill finds out that Joey has plans to massacre Hollis Green because he believes that he murdered his wife Kathy.

Margene goes to see Ana and tells her that if she gets married to Goren then everything will be fixed. Ana and her fiancé can stay and they will have the ability to see the baby.

That night, Margene goes and tells Barb that she got married to Goren.  Unable to cope with this news, Barb storms out of the room.

On their way to the Green compound, Bill takes Joey’s gun and leaves him behind. He tells Joes that his quest for revenge outweighs their need to save the family. 

Bill arrives at the compound and sneaks back to where they are keeping his family.  Despite his poor relations with his father, Bill does not leave Frank behind. On their way to the car, Joey comes out of nowhere and demands Hollis’s attention. Bill tries to defuse the situation, but it turns into everyone pointing guns at each other. 

Bill tells Hollis to let everyone go - that it is really just him that Hollis is after. Before Hollis can do anything, but lay his hand on Bill, Lois takes a machete and chops it off. Hollis’s wife now has two options - to have them capture the Henrickson’s or save Hollis life and bring him to the hospital. She chooses the latter.

Bill and crew leave and head back to the States.  Once they get home, Ben silently gives his father a warmhearted glance and his mom a big hug before entering back into his home.

Big Love
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Big Love Season 4 Episode 7 Quotes

You're telling me that my family was taken by a murderer and there's nothing you can do about it.


You people can't be reasoned with.