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Bill is meeting with a politician when Barb notices Ana. She is pregnant. Ana tells them that it is Bill’s baby, but she wants nothing from them.

Barb tells Nicki, but is ignoring Margene.  All three of them go visit Ana at the restaurant. Ana is shocked that they are there and tells them that she doesn’t want any of them and especially any of their drama. Bill is also there and tries to convince Ana to let them be apart of the baby’s life.

Ana stops by Bill’s office and tells him that he can be apart of their baby’s life – only him and she needs financial help. He is happy that he can be apart of the baby’s life.

The next day, Bill meets with Jerry about the casino. Marilyn wants in and Bill is doing everything he can to keep her out. Barb actually ends up meeting with Marylin and they get along really well. 

That night, Bill tells Barb about his meeting with Ana. Barb is surprised that Ana would take their money, but not let any of the sister wives be apart of this child’s life. She goes to meet with Ana at her home where she finds out that Ana is not only engaged, but the child was conceived out of wedlock.

Furious, Barb has a meeting with the casino partners and Marilyn. She acts at the representative and they sign Marilyn into the company.

 Meanwhile, Bill asks Dale if he has been having inappropriate meetings with Alby. Dale denies anything, but eventually stumbles out to Bill that he has had meetings with Alby. Bill tells Dale that Alby is a sociopath and definitely not someone to trust.

Dale meets with Alby that night in their secret love shack. Dale tells Alby about his meeting with Bill. Alby lies and told Dale that Bill is making things up.  Alby’s wife ends up seeing Dale leave and she is able to put it together that Alby and Dale have a thing going on.

Alby’s wife confronts Bill about Dale. She tells him that he is a homosexual and shouldn’t be on the case anymore. With this information in had, Bill confronts Dale about his homosexual affair with Alby. Dale admits that is the truth.

Nicki calls Alby and he admits to his affair with Dale. Alby tells her that he really loves Dale and he brings out the good in him. His wife comes in to tell him everyone is ready.  Alby is going to seal their mom to JJ.

Nicki rushes over to wear the sealing is taking place and finds out that they sealed her daughter to some disgustingly old man. She threatens JJ that if he or any other man comes near her daughter again, she will kill them herself.  

Ben goes with Lois and Frank to Mexico. He is unaware that what they are doing is illegal. Lois lies to Bill and tells him that they went camping.  Someone must have tipped off the Greene’s and they came in with gun’s blazing.

Barb confronts Bill about Ana. Before they really get into it, he asks Barb to gather the wives. He brings them to a big house. He tells them that this is the reason for everything.  He wants them to be able to live their lives together in one big house - open and not in hiding.

Alby is on his way to the apartment to meet up with Dale. With flowers in his hand, he leaves him a message saying he loves them.  When he opens the door, he finds Dale hanging from a cord, dead. Hysterically, Alby goes to Dales dead body and cries for the loss of his love.

Big Love
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Did you see that, Barb won't even look at me.


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