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Nicki is at JJ’s house when his first wife tells her that Adaleen is gone and has no idea when she will be back.

Bill tells the wives to get an outfit for the election days. When the wives go to a department store to pick something out. Nicki is adamant about getting an outfit that is the same color as Barb’s.

Marilyn meets with Bill and tries to make a deal with him. He is adamant about not moving forward with anything that she does.

Bill knows that JJ has something to do with Adaleen’s disappearance, so until they hear from Adaleen, Bill will not let Carolynn go see him.

Tommy and Barb are meeting and he tells them that his tribe can’t loose the casino - the young drug addict is his niece.  Tommy confronts Barb about her true feelings about going pubic with her polygamy lifestyle.

Bill meets with Alby who tells Bill that he has his support. Bill brings up Dale and Alby knows that just as much as he can ruin Bill’s run for office - Bill can tell the truth of his homosexual relationship
Ana confronts Margene in front of the gang and she is completely on the fence about everything.  Margene does not know what she wants to do. In order to walk out on stage she would have to sell her business which he hasn’t done.

Margene suggests to Nicki to use her egg. Nicki blows up and confronts Margene about her feelings for Gorin. Nicki also admits to the group that she does not want to share Bill with the other wives anymore.

JJ’s son tells Nicki she can not get pregnant. If she wants to get another second opinion she should. 

Bill gets interviewed by someone that works with Marilyn. He tells Bill that he knows about Ana and her pregnancy. He gives him until tonight to do wants otherwise they are breaking the news.

Bill goes home and tells his wife and crew what happened. They all try to come up with who would have let the information leak.

Bill goes to meet with Marilyn he admits that she cheated on Barb. He tells Marilyn that this information would sink him in the election.  She said she will try to do what she can - for a price.

Margene admits to Ana that she is attracted to Gorin. Ana tells her that she knows of the spark to Gorin and that is okay.
Barb tells the group that she was the one that reported that Bill is the illegitimate father to Ana’s child.  She tells the group that none of them are ready to be in the spotlight.

Bill tells Barb that he can’t understand why she chose to go to the media. He has Tommy and Jerry removed from the casino.  She tells him that she no longer feels like their living the life they should.  Nicki doesn’t want to share him and Margene is living a half married life.

JJ’s son calls and tells Nicki that she is pregnant.  Nicki goes in to see him and he drugs her. Adaleen gets out and helps Nicki escape. Adaleen confronts JJ about him putting his sisters egg inside of her.

Wanda tells Bill that JJ is trying to fertilize Nicki with someone else’s egg. JJ is about to do the deed when Adalyn comes rushing in.  Nicki stabs JJ and they get away.

Marilyn meets with Bill and tells him that she knows he is a polygamist.  She tells him that he will have to face a shit storm.

Ben calls and tells Bill that he won state Senate.  Barb tells Bill that she is struggling with Bill’s choice to move forward. Bill tells Barb that he believes that what he is doing is best for the family.

Adaleen sets JJ’s place on fire with JJ and his wife tied up.

At Bill’s speech from getting elected he tells the world that he is a polygamist.  With each wife hand in hand they stand united together.

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Since you don't take me seriously, I thought you might listen to him.


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