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Mr. Dale Thomason is suppose to manage assets for the polygamists.  It is growing in the Salt Lake City area.  Bill is in court.

Roman’s dead body is about to be set in the funeral service. In the news it states that his death was secretive and unknown.

Bill comes home to a bunch of files at Nicki’s house. The whole family gets together for dinner.  Bill tells his family that he wants to run for office.

Scott wants to marry Sarah right away - he tells her that they should just screw what everyone else wants and get married at the courthouse tomorrow. Sarah gladly accepts.

Nicki goes snooping in Margene’s trash and finds out how much she is making. Barb spies her doing this and doesn’t agree with it at all. She tells Nicki that the prosecution is really over against Roman. Saddened by the news that her favorite DA man, Ray, is leaving she goes to see him.

When Nicki gets to Ray’s house he tells her off. He had real feelings for her and because of it he lost the biggest case he ever had. Ray’s professional life is ruined. Nicki expresses that she too has feelings for him and doesn’t know what to do with them.   Ray tells her to forget about him and slams the door in her face.

Meanwhile, Sarah goes to visit her friend Heather at the drive-in to apologize. Sarah tells her that she is getting married to Scott tomorrow at 4pm and although she isn’t happy about it, Heather agrees to be there.

The next day, just as Sarah and Heather are about to leave for the wedding at the courthouse, Barb enters and sees Sarah leaving. Sarah tells her mom that she is doing it the way she wants to. Barb is sad that her daughter will not get married in front of God and tells her that a courthouse marriage is nothing but a piece of paper - it does not mean eternal life together. Sarah leaves and tells her mom that she doesn’t care.

Obviously she cares, because Sarah, Scott, Heather, and Ben are sitting in Scott’s car not getting married and eating fast food.
Nicki’s mother comes to her house asking why she is shaming her family.  Nicki tells Adaleen that she does not believe that he father was a true profit.  Her mother tells her that if she doesn’t go to her father’s funeral that she has a heart of stone.

Later Nicki confronts Bill about his desire to run for office. She tells him that he shouldn’t waist his time with being a politician, he should become what he was destined to be - the next prophet.   Bill does not know what to make of this and leaves.

That night, against her own wishes,  Nicki does go to her father’s funeral service with her daughter in tow.

Sarah does not go through with getting married at the courthouse. She confronts her father telling him of her plans. All she wants is his blessings and to accept her lifestyle choice. Bill stops her right before she leaves and tells her to wait.

That night, Barb gets home and Bill and the other two wives are sitting at the family table. He tells them all that no matter how they all feel about him running - he is going through with it and once he is elected he will expose the truth about their polygamist lifestyle. They just need to keep their family life a secrete for the length of the election.  He then leads them out to their backyard where Sarah and Scott are ready to get married - in front of God, their family and friends.

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Maybe you will be the next papa of Juniper Creek.


You cant run, we will be all exposed.