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Nicki and her daughter go to the city and meet with Bill.  Bill tries to buy a ticket for the benefit, but all tickets are sold out except at the $25 thousand dollar per ticket level.  He meets with his friend who tells him that he might have pissed off the wrong person.

That person ends up being Marylyn Curtis. She is a very influential person in Washington. After many different attempts, Bill gets into the fundraiser.  Nicki ends up sneaking into the fundraiser to give Bill his flashcards. On her way out, Nicki runs into Marylyn and pretends to be Bill’s assistant. Because she goes on and on about Bill, Marylyn is so impressed that she pushes the Senator to donate money for Bill’s political run.

Roman Grant’s estate is being put through the ringer by the state with his new lover boy Dale. Once Alby’s lawyer leaves, the two of them start to get it on.  After Dale tries to tell Alby that this will not happen again.  But, they get it on again.

Back at the hotel room, after a sex romp, Alby envisions his father watching his actions. Roman is disgusted by Alby and after saying some mean things vanishes.

Joey and Wanda are in a heated discussion. Wanda tells him her suspicions of her brother knowing.  Joey freaks out because Roman scratched his neck. They go and dig up his body. JJ’s wife is spying on them and phones JJ. He says that he is on his way.

Meanwhile, when Bill is out of town, Barb is running the show at the casino. The reservation people are not happy that a white woman is their boss. On their way back, Barb ends up hitting a woman with her car. She and Sarah both go to her aid.  The casino partner tells Barb that the best thing for her to do is leave and not be involved. Barb and Sarah both do not listen to him and offer her a job at the casino.

Their business partner is mad and tells her that this woman has a criminal and drug record. That there are some things that Barb doesn’t know and shouldn’t butt in with. Sarah ends up getting even more involved and goes to the woman’s house to spend time with her.

Finally, Margene is getting photographed. She gets a promotion in her job to be on primetime. None of her family will be able to make it.  The only person there to help her is Judy.  Margene invites her as a guest at her big show and she happily accepts.

They are enjoying a happy bonding moment when JJ comes pounding on her door looking for his daughter. Margene tells him that she knows nothing. JJ isn’t leaving without an answer and Ben comes in and protects them.

Frank calls Judy and tells her that she must come back to Juniper Creek. Ben notices how disappointed Margene looks and offers to cancel his show so that he can be her family member at her event. Margene smiles, but can not accept.

Ben ends up canceling his show anyway to go to Margene as her family support. Margene is beyond thrilled. She tells him that it means the world to her and then kisses him on the lips. The kiss is rather lingered, leaving both of them speechless. Margene’s boss catches this kiss and mistakes Ben as Margene’s husband.

Big Love
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Big Love Season 4 Episode 3 Quotes

Barb: If you could say anything to her what would you say?
Delores: Fuck You!

Wow! Look at you! I've got the two prettiest girls in town!