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Bill is on air talking about his potential run for State Senator. Bill answers some questions regarding hiring illegal immigrants.  Back at his store, the INS shows up to check out the legality of Bill’s employees.  Someone gave an anonymous tip.  Bill knows that it had to be his opponent Colburn.

Everything checks out clean with illegal immigrants, but they find a discrepancy with health insurance coverage. It is because both Don and Bill have all their wives and their children covered.  Bill ends up asking Don to do the unthinkable – take the bullet for the sake of his candidacy.

In front of all the local media Don admits living a double life and having more than one wife. Don also turns in his resignation.  

Barb was asking Margene about why Ben was shown on her station as Margene’s husband. Margene is a terrible liar and Barb can see something is up. Margene ends up telling Barb that she accidently kissed Ben on the lips, but it meant nothing.

Meanwhile, Sarah has had the Indian woman and her son stay with her at her place. The woman leaves Sarah a note that she will be back and wants to cook them breakfast. The woman never comes back and Sarah is happy she has the little boy to take care of. 

Bill’s casino partner, Tommy gets wind of this and confronts Barb at her house. Bill walks in and demands to know what is happening. Barb tells Bill the reason why she kept it from him was to not add additional stress to his busy life. They go to Sarah’s home and tell her that she must return the baby to his mother.

Alby meets with JJ who tells him that he would like to have Adaleen become his new wife. Alby happily agrees and grants JJ’s request.  Adaleen is furious, but as a woman has no choice but to accept God’s plan for her.

Nicki goes to pick up her daughter at JJ’s house and sees her mother. She is beyond disgusted and does not know what to do. She leaves furious with JJ and goes home to vent.

Alby then goes off to Dale’s house. He is not home, so Alby decides to sneak in through the back window. When Dale does arrive home he is surprised to see Alby sitting on his living room couch. Alby tells him he knew that Dale was home alone and wanted to bring him some jam and cooked him dinner. Obviously Dale is mad, but gets over it because he likes him so much.

Dale goes up to take a shower, and it gives Alby the time to snoop through Dale’s briefcase. Roman shows up as the voice in Alby’s head and tells him that he was stupid for trusting the enemy. Alby confronts Dale about his plans and he tells him that he has nothing to worry about. That the government will not try to destroy Juniper Creek.

Ben confronts Margene about the kiss.  She admits that the kiss meant something.  He grabs the cocoa for her and she looks at him intensely with bed eyes.

The next morning, Teenie tells her parents that Ben wrote a love letter to Margene and she believes that they are in love.  Bill is mad at Barb because he feels like he is out of the loop.  Bill confronts Margene and Ben about the kiss and the letter. Ben lies and said that he was the one who kissed Margene and it was his stupid crush.

Lois and  Frank go to the Mexican boarder to collect the birds illegally.  On their drive back, Frank’s wife unlatches the lock and lets all the birds go.

Right before Bill is to announce his run for State Senate, he sees that Margene is hysterical. She admits to Bill that she kissed Ben and she meant it.

That night, Ben is in his room and is packing up when Bill enters. Ben tells his father that he thinks it would be best for him to leave for a while – and Bill agrees.

Big Love
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Big Love Season 4 Episode 4 Quotes

If Bill gets wind of this sugar will really hit the fan.


You kissed my son on the lips?