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Bill tries to defend who he is and what he believes on air because he is getting sworn in that week,

Meanwhile, the ladies of the house are still tense about Margene lying about her age.

Carolynn tells her math teacher that her father died. He gives her his personal number if she needs someone to talk to.  The teacher calls Nikki and informs her that maybe it would be good for Carolynn to seek counseling. Nikki tells Carolynn that Bill wants to formally adopt her.

Barb joins a fashion function to reach out to her sister.  When she gets there, her sister is not only rude, but tells her not to bring up her lifestyle choices.

Bill tells his mom that she has dementia and she doesn’t know how to react to it. Bill believes it’s Franks fault because he gave Lois herpes.

Carolynn puts together a secret meeting with one of her brothers, Verlin. Ronda happens to show up with him sporting a ring and a baby.

Verlin and Ronda meet with Alby to try and shake him down for fifty grand.  There’s a strange moment that these two men share before Verlin leaves.

Bill meets with the Attorney General who tells him that the times they are in now is zero tolerance.

Heather and Ben end up getting a bit hot and heavy during a random make-out session.

Nikki and Margene go to the fashion show to meet with Barb. There, they confront each other about everything. Margene leaves to find Bill and runs him over.

At the hospital, the doctor tells Bill he has a concussion.  In a dream like setting, Bill runs into Emma Smith who tells him he has many miles to go.

The intern informs the President that Bill got into a car accident so they move up his swearing in. Margene and Barb get there and try to make a stand for Bill. Bill ends up there in the nick of time to be sworn in.

Big Love
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Big Love Season 5 Episode 4 Quotes

Margene: That sounds fun. I bet we'll have a blast.
Nikki: Fashion? Honestly Margene.

Here I am again wearing out my welcome.