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Nate Parker is being interrogated in a hospital gown. He's scared to death, so much so he pees his pants. It was all Malcolm Danvers! He's giving up everything anybody would want to know. He has a mark on his neck and wants to know where everybody went. He leaves the room, which is now unlocked. Outside he starts to run. He falls down, strips out of his clothes, turns into a wolf and makes a dash for it. He gets close to some trees bearing the same symbol as his neck and explodes. 

Elena is strangling some dude for information. Clay wants her to let him talk. The guy is giving information on one of Malcolm's lackeys, Nate. He heard what they did to Elena's boyfriend and says nobody deserves to die like that.

Some international alphas are congregating at Jeremy's and telling him they think his leadership is weak. The Russian, in particular isn't pleased. Jeremy assures the alphas his pack is diligently searching for Malcolm right now.

Cut to Nick, who is busy sexing up a stranger in a hallway somewhere. He tells her he has a thing for public places. He needed to leave a button for a fellow behind him. While he gets busy drilling the girl, his friend drills her work button to place something inside the button.

Elsewhere, Elena decides sleep isn't nearly as necessary as her other carnal needs.

Logan is tracking down Malcolm and hopefully Rachel. 

It's only been three days since Philip's head was found in Elena's bed, but she hasn't taken time to grieve and Clay is worried.

Jeremy gets the word of one of the alphas that he'll help kill Roman if Jeremy can get him. He swears on the life of his infant son, in fact.

A guy Elena is questioning goads her into killing him instead of letting him face the wrath of Malcolm. She rips his tongue out and while he's choking, stomps on his throat, killing him.

Suddenly they're surrounded by people looking for the one true cursed, Malcolm Danvers. They appear to be in some sort of a trance. After Clay and Elena kill them all, they realize they all bear a strange mark on their necks.

Nick and his pal Joey call the gal he just played with and get a screen shot of Malcolm's bank account. When Jeremy conferences in Clay and Elena, they tell him about the human jump. Nick has to go back to Stonehaven because they have work with the Spanish alpha.

Nick calls Logan who is busy holding some dude's head under water in a tub of water. Rachel may be in Rochester.

Rachel is not eating with the guys holding her. Malcolm is worried that Nate isn't returning his calls. Their lights start flickering and a bird flies through and dies. Their noses all start bleeding. Later, Logan arrives. There is blood everywhere and the house is a mess. Clay and Elena appear. Logan finds Rachel's shoe. Everybody always finds a shoe.

Malcolm is in a diner. An old man takes him for a ride. Two women are watching him and their back window is covered with bees.

Rodrigo is found out and Jeremy isn't happy. Rodrigo funded the mutt uprising through wire transfers to Malcolm under cover making it look like it was done by Roman.

The two women take off after Malcolm. Malcolm, meanwhile, isn't pleased with the man's speed. His sister-in-law has cancer of the pancreas. That's not going to stop Malcolm from killing him and absconding with his truck.

Clay, Elena and Logan decide to drive down to Louisiana together to get Malcolm. It should take like, forever. They find Malcolm. Jeremy is holding Malcolm accountable for the deaths of Pete, Antonio and Philip. Jeremy and Malcolm launch at each other and start to brawl.

Rachel starts to scream our for Logan. Nick and Logan take off looking for her. They cannot find her, but the two women are watching them from behind the bushes. Logan realizes Jeremy cannot kill Malcolm. The fight is still raging and Jeremy is just about to pound a screwdriver through his forehead, but Logan stops him. 

Clay wonders who Malcolm is looking for as they take his away. He appears to feel safer with the pack than he did without them. Clay and Malcolm discuss the symbol on the necks of the people and on the walls of the house they found. Malcolm says Clay needs to keep him alive for what's coming. 

Clay wants to look into the symbol by visiting with a professor at Tulane. He's never seen fear in Malcolm's eyes so he knows it's important. 

The women will follow wherever they're taking Malcom Danvers.

The older woman is talking to the younger, but she appears to be channeling someone else through her as her eyes are white. She's calling her Savannah. She says she hears screams. Rachel is on a gurney and a wolf is next to her being gutted. Someone brings a pan over and starts doing something to her and she screams.

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Elena don't! He is goading you to kill him!


There's nothing more personal than politics.