You've tasted the power. How can you not want more? What is it you care about so much?


If you'd like to see what I'm capable of, just watch.


Nick: Why do I get the feeling I'll be looking for elderwood and hemlock soon?
Paige: Nope, but I will need crickets and pine cones.
Nick: Great.

Elena: None of us are worth saving unless we're all worth saving.
Clay: Then we go get him.

Elena: Did you kill my mother?
Sasha: Yes, I guess, in a way I did.

You've given me something to fight for above just Pack rules, and I'm not going to let Roman take that away from me. I'm not going to let him take you away from me.


Sasha: Everything he does is to protect you.
Elena: Everything he does is to protect his Pack.
Sasha: No. It's you. You are the heart of this Pack. Without you, it's nothing.

So maybe they're wrong. Maybe this whole system of rules is wrong.


Elena: And her death?
Sasha: I shared our secret. I broke the rules. I let your mother see me change. And she loved me anyway.

This secret. It doesn't protect us. It kills us.


Clay: There is no middle ground, Alexei. I don't make these rules.
Alexei: So break them.

You saw a werewolf, and that's what that boy is and so am I.