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It's 20 years ago in East Baton Rouge and little Clayton is coloring at the table while his mom hangs a welcome home sign for his father who is returning from war. She tells him to stay away from the hollows, but he doesn't listen. He's in front of the house where they found Malcolm and a younger Malcolm is there. He wants Clay to run and he tells him how he's going to eat each of his organs and then tells him to run. 

Little Clay runs, and gets stuck in the woods, a sound of a wolf behind him. He hids inside a gnarly tree and gets bitten. 

Elena, Nick and Jeremy are waiting and Philip's sister keeps calling her. She's so angry she can hardly stand it. She wants to kill Malcom so badly. 

Clay is at Tulane and when he shows the professor the symbol and says it was scrawled in a wall in blood, the guy freaks out. He asks Clay what he knows about witchcraft. Wicca, Clay asks? No, left had path, malevolent stuff. He tells Clay not to go poking monsters. He calls him Dr. Danvers and I love the reminder that Clay is hot and smart.

Logan is poking the Malcolm bear. Jeremy takes over and Malcolm wonders if he's willing to sacrifice the first werewolf child born in a generation to the pack.

Clay is looking for a witch. When he gets to her place, she's been murdered. He finds a hidden book. 

Back at Stonehaven Jeremy sets up Rodrigo to think he's going to kill Malcolm. Jeremy says Rodrigo is here to see the repercussions of treachery and Rodrigo prepares to kill Malcolm and Jeremy comes up behind Rodrigo and rips his throat apart. Suddenly strangevoie are heard whispering throughout Stonehaven. They're here.

Clay goes to his old home. It's covered in graffiti. He steps inside and an old man says he remembers the family well. The marine was over in Somalia. Clay learns they were all attacked by a wolf. The woman died right were Clay is standing. The boy was never found. His father put a pistol in his mouth and joined them him in the great beyond.

Logan realizes Malcolm doesn't have Rachel. 

Nick, Elena and Jeremy go outside to figure what the hell is out there. They walk through the misty woods. Nick finds a small sack with something moving and runs into the younger of the two women. Her eyes are white and she pokes him in the face, causing extreme pain and makes his eyes bleed. At Stonehaven, the older woman takes her fog and her marble and walks inside.

The marble rolls down to Malcolm. By the time Jeremy and Elena get to Nick, he cannot see, but Jeremy assures him there is no blood. Elena escorts Nick back to the house where the woman is running from Malcolm who is free from his cage and running up the stairs as a wolf.

Nick can suddenly see and the lights go on.

Elena needs to head out to Philip's sister, Diane. 

Jeremy asks Malcolm what he knows. Malcolm had Rachel safely tucked away before the attack. Clay walks in. Witchcraft. The book is the key and the woman died protecting hit. Malcolm doesn't think they can survive this attack. They're too powerful.

Diane thought it was Clay who hurt Philip. Elena takes full responsibility for his death because if she had just left him, he would have a broken heart, but he would still be alive. She's not even sure, now, if she ever really loved him. Diane tells Elena not to ever contact her or her family again. The chapter is over.

At Stonehaven, the guys try to summon something with tea leaves, but the witches come of their own accord. The men cannot believe they're there at all. They do things like magically pull out chairs and whoosh their business cards across the table. 

They have a lot in common, both being from the other world. The only give birth to female children. They're the antithesis of the wolves. The man who did what happened in Rochester knows they exist. They're being hunted. The man wants the werewolf downstairs, and so do the two witches. 

While they're all talking upstairs, Elena goes downstairs to face Malcolm. He tells her he gave her her full self. She is their future.

Upstairs, the witches tell Jeremy they want to trade Malcolm for a young witch who has not yet come into her powers. Ruth says they've survived a lot longer than werewolves and they'll either be on their side or in their way and right not they're in their way.

Elena is ready to let Malcolm out and Clay stops her just as the door is opened. Clay is impressed, saying she's better than all of them put together. Malcolm taunts Clay with a story about his mother crying for her son as he tore her to bits. 

Clay tries to calm Elena. She doesn't know what she's capable of anymore. He wants her to find piece. Sex might help. 

Jeremy tells Malcolm to make piece with himself as this night will be his last. He tells Logan to brace himself for the worse and that he would have made a great dad. This is his home and they will all work together to get through this.

Ruth left a little something in side the walnut dish when she was was playing with the nuts and she it opened very door and window in the house. Malcolm is gone.


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Bitten Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Nick: Malcolm isn't swayed by pain, he enjoys it too much.
Elena: Everyone's afraid of something, even the devil.

Are you willing to sacrifice a werewolf child, the first born in a generation, to your pack?