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Nick in a pair of super cool peg leg pants arrives at Rachel's. Katia accompanies him. Rachel is in the back yard, listening to the baby on the monitor. She's wary of Katia.

Nick wants Katia to stay with her, but Rachel worries about bringing someone into the house.

In the nursery, Rachel has moved all objects from Rocco's crib. She won't go near him. Something is wrong, she says. He appears to have some sort of magical powers, making items move when he cries. He lifts three bears while he cries until Rachel lifts him out of the crib. What the hell?

Clay and Elena are watching Marsten being beaten at the old textile factory on a file that was sent to him. 

A Russian fellow with a wonky eye goes into a cafe, asks a guy to sell the place. Then he goes over to the only two patrons and kills them in very unsavory ways. The second guy didn't even notice the first was killed. 

Nick thinks it was the Witch's blood that infected the baby. He calls in Paige to help. Yay! Paige.

Marsten is alive. The Russian from the cafe is the one holding him and he takes the "breakfast special" to Marsten and dumps it into his cell. I guess we're lucky Marsten got off so easy.

Cafe man goes along, readying wires connected to the electrical box.

Paige has never seen a baby with magical abilities. She's a bit offended when Rachel wants to cure Rocco. 

Paige is moving to Portland. For a guy. Nick is upset about it, and she really doesn't want him to be, which isn't fair.

While they're working with the baby, Katia steps into the circle and gets messed up. Paige has figured it out, though. Rocco doesn't have magical powers. It's Rachel.

Elena and Clay have arrived at the warehouse. There is water on the floor and when Clay steps into it, he's electrocuted. He's shocked for quite some time before Elena turns off the main breaker and captured by Red Eye.

Red Eye begins asking Elena where everyone is, namely her sister, and others in her family. He finds her woman werewolf bit a curiosity. 

Aha!!  The Red Eyed Wolf is the one who killed their mom. Katia and Alexei have an adorable scene on the phone. But why does Katia think she can kill him?

OMG. She took the baby.


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Bitten Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Elena: None of us are worth saving unless we're all worth saving.
Clay: Then we go get him.

Nick: Why do I get the feeling I'll be looking for elderwood and hemlock soon?
Paige: Nope, but I will need crickets and pine cones.
Nick: Great.