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Dre tries to help out at home by loading the dishwasher and tries to get credit from Rainbow, who is not impressed. Rainbow goes through the list of all she has done and is annoyed that Dre is trying to get credit for simply loading the dishwasher. Dre explains that with all of his new responsibilities at work, he may have to do less. Rainbow laughs this off saying he doesn't do much as it is. 

The twins approach Rainbow and tell her they need two dozen cupcakes by tomorrow. Dre tells her that he'll handle all the kids' stuff this week, including the cupcakes. Dre shows up at school with the cupcakes and everyone is surprised as he's never been to the twin's school before. The kids love the cupcakes and Dre feels like a rockstar. 

Dre also does the grocery shopping and stocks the fridge, but Rainbow is shocked to see the chaos he's made of it (there's a bag of potato chips in there for starters). She seems a little OCD about it and begins re-arranging. 

The twins show Rainbow and Dre the thank you cards everyone made for him. Rainbow is upset when she finds out the cupcakes were store bought when she made homemade quiche for green eggs and ham day and got no appreciation. 

Dre makes chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast for the kids. Dre apologizes to Rainbow for the night before. She explains that she's just frustrated that she is always doing so much and he does one little thing and gets all the thanks. 

Dre comes to school the next day with the kids' health forms expecting props from the teacher but doesn't get it. The kids are disappointed he didn't bring them anything today. 

Rainbow discovers she has more time on her hands when the kids don't seem to need her. She tries to bond with Junior and talk to Zoey, but neither are interested. When she strikes out with the kids she tries Dre who's busy grinding corn meal for the Harriet Tubman presentation at the twin's school the next day. 

Dre shows up with his hand ground corn bread but it is mostly ignored in favor of another dad's kettle corn. He gets in an argument with the teacher over the information being presented, claiming Harriet Tubman was never a spy. The teacher asks him to leave when he becomes too disruptive. 

Dre argues with Rainbow over what happened in school, still claiming Harriet Tubman wasn't a spy. Rainbow tells him she was, her code name was Moses, and it was all in the packet that the teacher sent home. Dre calls Rainbow out on re-doing the silverware drawer. Rainbow says she wants him to put things away, but she wants him to put them away the way she does it. 

Dre puts the kids up to approaching Rainbow to make her happy. The twins ask her to make them oatmeal, Junior says he wants to spend more time with her, and Zoey asks if she wants to sit on her bed later. The kids ask her to take them to school. Rainbow knows what Dre has done and asks him if he wants things to go back the way they were. He does and she admits that she misses doing the little things. Dre tells her he appreciates everything she does and she appreciates everything he doesn't do. 


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black-ish Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Dre: Pops, your paper is killing me man.
Pops: Well how else would you know that I was here to witness you unravel the fabric of your marriage, son?

Dessert for breakfast? What's next, diabetes for dinner?