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Dre helps Junior carry his "acknowledgement project" to school. He wonders why so many people know his daughter, but not his son. 

Dre asks Junior why he didn't give another black kid "the nod" and discovers Junior doesn't know what it is. The family discusses "the nod" at dinner and while Dre is upset about it, Rainbow is not. Pops backs up Dre to his surprise. 

Rainbow asks the twins about their drawings for career day. She thinks Diane has drawn test tubes and wants to be a doctor like her, but Diane informs her that she wants to be in advertising like her dad. Diane doesn't want to wear the same thing every day and go to school for that long. 

Dre uses "the nod" at work and gets into an awkward conversation with another black coworker. Dre explains that it doesn't matter that he was a little awkward, they connected and that's what he wants Junior to do. 

Dre takes it upon himself to find Junior some black friends. He drives up to a few kids and invites them back to his house for snacks. A woman begins calling the police and Dre realizes how bad this looks. 

Rainbow suggests a social club. Dre is skeptical, but he's desperate, so he checks it out. He and Pops meet with them and it definitely does not go well. Dre decides its not for them.

Rainbow takes Diane to the hospital. She shows her her work station. Diane is not impressed as she says her dad's job is more interesting. Rainbow shows Diane her key to the narcotics, which Diane is able to open as it's not locked. 

An emergency comes in and Diane is caught up in the excitement of it all. She sees the blood and runs into the trauma room where her mom is preparing to work on the patient. Rainbow asks her how much she saw and she replies "everything," clearly impressed. 

Dre's new work buddy approaches him in the bathroom. He's uncomfortable with him talking in there, but he decides to bring him into his problem with Junior. 

Dre takes Junior to a gym to play basketball. He's dismayed when he tells Junior to stretch it out and he does pilates. The game is not going well as Junior can't make a shot and is shorter and slower than the other players. 

Dre discovers Charlie, his new work friend, has a son. Dre invites them both over for dinner so Junior can meet Charlie's son. 

Rainbow worries she's traumatized her daughter. She talks to her about it and Diane says "I saw a man with a hatchet in his head. It was awesome!" Diane wants to be a doctor now and Rainbow is excited. 

Charlie and his son arrive to dinner with burgers in hand. Charlie tells them his wife cheated on him and they're in the middle of a messy divorce. The dinner is awkward and uncomfortable. He has no boundaries (he showed them jpegs of his rectal polyps). Dre defends him saying they need to do what it takes for Junior to have a black friend. This lasts until Charlie comes downstairs wearing Dre's shoes. 

Dre runs to Junior's room to kick the kid out with his dad, but he sees how they're connecting and realizes that "the struggle" is different for his son than it is for him. 

Dre and Pops teach Junior how to do a "scrunch face" as pretty women walk by. 

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black-ish Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Just looking for some young black boys to bring back to my house.


Stupid child molesters. Can't even invite kids back to your house for delicious snacks anymore.