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Dre takes his family to his favorite cheap restaurant from when he was a kid. The kids are unhappy and refuse to eat the food leading Dre to the realization that his kids are spoiled. Dre blames Rainbow for spoiling the kids but she argues there's nothing wrong with giving the kids more than they had. 

The twins went to their neighbors asking for food leading them to believe the family is struggling. Rainbow is upset by the "pity casserole" from the neighbors and tells Dre he has to teach the kids a lesson because now she looks bad. 

Dre calls a family meeting and informs the kids that they all must get jobs. Dre believes they don't appreciate anything because everything has been handed to them. 

Dre brings Junior and Zoey to work with him while Rainbow is in charge of the twins. The twins start a lemonade stand but when they go inside to get more lemonade, the neighbor Jeanine sees Rainbow and insists on giving her money. Rainbow decides the twins have learned their lesson but doesn't want them to be quitters, so they move the stand to another neighborhood. 

Zoey starts a blog teaching make up tips. Dre tells her to come up with three pitches and gets her a meeting at the make up company, Hard Candy. Dre makes a video pitch and Zoey is upset that he has done all the work for her and quits. 

Dre apologizes to Zoey for taking over and praises her pitches. He tells her Hard Candy sent her free make up and would pay her for sharing with her followers. 

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black-ish Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Oh, I get it. They charge you for all you can eat but put out food no one will eat, maniacal!


I think this cow died of natural causes.