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Dre loves Halloween. He loves to decorate the yard, come up with family themed costumes, and most of all, their tradition of pulling pranks on each other. Dre is considered the "prank king" of the family. 

When the twins try to pull a prank of their own by wetting their parent's bed, Dre calls an emergency family meeting in the middle of the night to discuss what actually constitutes a prank. During the meeting, Zoey upsets Dre when she announces that she feels she has outgrown pranking. 

Dre brings pranking to the office when he and coworker Josh pull a prank on another coworker, Chris, making him spill hot coffee all over himself. Josh later tries to scare Charlie by jumping out of a trash can, but ends up getting punched in the face. This leads to a pranking ban at the office.  

Dre thinks that if he pulls a prank on Junior in front of Zoey, it will make her want to prank again. It doesn't work though and Junior announces he's out this year too. 

It gets worse for Dre when the kids also announce they don't want to wear the family costumes. On top of that, the twins don't want to go trick- or-treating because they learned about diabetes in school. Frustrated, Dre cancels Halloween and starts tearing down the decorations. 

Dre returns home from work to find his family has gone to a movie without him. The lights go out and he starts to hear gunshots. Scared, he hits the ground and tries to go up the chimney. The family comes down and announces it was all a prank on him. They made him believe they weren't interested in Halloween this year on purpose. 

Dre gets the last laugh though when Josh comes in disguised as a burglar and Dre announces that he knew they were pranking him the whole time, thanks to his camera in the refrigerator. Poor Josh gets punched in the face again by Rainbow. 

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black-ish Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Diane had a nightmare and told me about it, and now I'm more scared than she is.


Halloween has always been my favorite holiday, and not just because it lets me show off my killer decorating skills. What? It doesn't look like a John Woo movie when you decorate for Halloween? Ha, you must not be doing it right. But what I love most about Halloween is a Johnson family tradition I like to call pranking the living crap out of each other.