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Jefferson learns from an old friend that a student was abducted after taking Green Light. 

Anissa finds the facility Gambi told her about with all of the metahumans from several years before. 

Gambi is taken away by Martin and forced to give up who he is working with, but things take an explosive turn when Martin figures Jefferson will know the truth. 

Jefferson is forced to use his abilities to save Gambi and it gives Martin the truth. Martin then reveals to Kara, the vice principal of the school that Jefferson is Black Lightning. 

Meanwhile, Anissa tries to change Jennifer's views on her powers, but Jennifer lashes out at some of her sister's comments and it awakens her powers.

When Lynn performs a test, she finds out that Jennifer's powers are all about creating energy while Jefferson's are about depleting it. 

Jefferson makes peace with Gambi and the family flee their home to hide out in Jefferson's father's old home. 

Black Lightning
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