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Billy Bones finally makes a brief appearance to let us know he didn't perish at sea. When last we saw him, Billy fell overboard and was presumed dead. However, he was pulled from the sea and has been held captive and tortured by a cruel British Royal Navy officer.

Thomas Hamilton shared his vision for New Providence via a flashback with Flint. "The new world is a gift. A sacred opportunity to right our wrongs and begin anew" he tells Flint. The man is an idealist and seemed to have earned Flint's respect and devotion.

Aboard the hijacked Spanish ship, Flint assures Silver he will regain his captaincy in two days and warns him to figure out a way to get on the crew's good side.

Aboard Captain Low's ship, quartermaster Meeks is upset that Low threatened Eleanor Guthrie which is bad business for the entire crew. Understanding his captain is a vicious killer, Meeks meets with Eleanor in an attempt to have Low deposed.

Elsewhere, Anne gave in to her feelings for Max and Jack spied them together. A clearly jealous Rackham decides the two ladies relationship is something he can work with. Besides, it's more important the three of them partner up so he can take on the role of captain of a new crew.

Flint confesses killing Gates continues to weigh on his soul and offers Dufresne some advice as penance. In reality,  this advice is ultimately a ploy to get his captaincy back. During the hijacking of another ship, Dufresne loses control and Flint steps in leading his crew as he always had. 

He realized their prize was lost and informed the crew of this ordering them to sink the hijacked ship. In order to strike fear into other men's hearts, the site of the black sail must inspire fear and obedience. With the crew's faith in their captain restored, Flint was reinstated by the crew.

Silver continued to taunt the crew, sharing gossip of their indiscretions attempting to redirect the focus from himself to them. His plan eventually paid off, even earning a smile of approval from the captain himself.

An angry Captain Low returned to Eleanor's bar, and caused quite a commotion by beheading Meeks; his traitorous quartermaster. Eleanor's body guard, O'Malley, steps in but Low easily kills him as well. Captain Vane simply lingered in the background not getting involved. Though Eleanor threw Low out of her place of business and her island, Captain Low assured her he was having too much fun to leave.

Later that day, Eleanor offers Vane Captain Low's "prize" - which we know is the Ashe girl - in return for helping her with this new pirate threat.


Black Sails
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Black Sails Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

The new world is a gift. A sacred opportunity to right our wrongs and begin anew. And I do not want my family's plot in it to be the reason for its fall.


In less that two days I intend to be a captain again. I suggest you find a way of earning your way back on to this crew as well