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Black Sails
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Black Sails Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Silver: There's no we, we stopped being a thing of any relevance about an hour ago.
Flint: Is that so?
Silver: I believe I've been clear about the nature of my investment here. The gold was the inducement, now no gold...
Flint: It's an unfortunate development, but we have to adapt and quickly.
Silver: Adapt? I've had about my fill of adapting lately. Doing your bidding, keeping the crew in line for you.
Flint: I wasn't the only one to benefit from that.
Silver: It certainly seemed that way. Even now you're the only one benefiting from it.
Flint: What are you saying? That I'm benefiting from the gold having disappeared?
Silver: It certainly solved a number of problems for you; didn't it? I have a half mind to wonder if you didn't orchestrate this whole thing to your advantage.

Vane: I saved your life. I killed him for you. Low and his crew, I killed them all to protect you.
Eleanor: You didn't do it for me.
Vane: You will turn on absolutely anyone; won't you? So what's the plan? Leave me to answer for this among the men? Assume they'll tear me to pieces for granting access to the woman who stole the girl out from under us; my death sentence. Listen to me clearly. Put down that key, walk back through that gate, return the girl and I will sort this with the men. You have my word. But lock that gate and there is no walking back through it; ever. And I assure you, you will hear from me again.