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- Jane confronts Oscar -- and he says Mayfair deserves this

- Sofia is the same organization with Taylor and Oscar -- we see flashbacks of Taylor convincing Sofia to join the organization

- Getting rid of Mayfair was only phase one

- Flashes forward 2 weeks later to a doctor leaving a baby outside of a building

- Zapata and Reade decide to tell each other the truth about their involvement in the Mayfair drama

- Weller is filling in for Mayfair -- the Director of the FBI tells Mayfair to stop taking about conspiracy theories and Sofia being alive

- The FBI is putting the Jane project on review and it's suspended until further notice

- Mayfair gets the enhanced images of Oscar driving Carter's car

- Mayfair is able to get her ankle monitor off because she realized it was all a set up that the guy harassing Alex at the bar wasn't really -- they wanted Mayfair to get close to Alex

- The abandoned baby is the granddaughter of a presidential candidate

- They track down the nurse that left the baby and when they are about to bring him in, he was shot

- Mayfair tracks down the guy at the bar and he worked for Alex and recognizes Sofia because Alex and Sofia would meet and talk

- the Director kicks Jane off the premises

- Jane goes to watch the baby at social services and people go there to kidnap it

- Mayfair ask Reade to track the number Sofia left at her cigarette spot

- The "biological"mother of the baby comes forward and explains how the baby cam to be -- they need the bone marrow for their sick son

- Jane gets to the facility because she took one of the guards -- Jane's tattoo gets her into the facility -- the presidential candidate is involved

- Zapata helps Mayfair too and tells her Mayfair can trust her too not just Reade

- Weller saves Jane and they give each other some sexual tension filled stares

- Weller is named the new Director of the NY branch and the Jane project is still shut down -- Jane wonders what she will do know that she doesn't work at the FBI

- Jane/Weller kiss since they no longer work together

- Weller gets a call that his dad is close to dying -- the dad keeps saying that she is under the fort, that Taylor is under the fort and he killed her then he dies

- Jane goes to tell Oscar it's over but runs into Mayfair and Mayfair realizes that Jane was part of setting her up -- Oscar shoots Mayfair

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Blindspot Season 1 Episode 22 Quotes

I didn’t want any of you visiting me in there. House arrest is much more dignified.


I rescued Alexandria ... the hell I did.