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- DA office is investigating Alex's death and is raiding Mayfair's office

- Sarah and Weller meet with a lawyer to sign power of attorney papers for their dad

- Patterson suggest that Jane get her tattoos removed as a friend

- Mayfair questions Zapata about knowing the ADA

- Sarah and Reade have an awkward encounter in an elevator and then the elevator stops

- The FBI office is in lockdown

- No cell service though which is not normal and Patterson is locked out of the system, she determines they are being hacked

- Jane and Patterson make their way to Weller and Borden

- Mayfair admits to Zapata that someone was trying to send her a message with Alex's death

- The hacker is downloading all undercover agents

- Patterson comes up with a plan and they have to block all the telecommunication system in the building -- but they need to start a fire in order to override the lockdown

- Sarah doesn't want Reade to act like everything is ok because he broke her heart, the lawyer they are stuck in the elevator with is high on anxiety pills

- Mayfair knows that Zapata is working with the ADA and tells her to make sure whatever she is doing, Zapata is able to sleep at night

- The biggest walkie-talkies in the world are used in this ep.

- While the FBI is being hacked, Weller thinks it's a great time to tell Jane a story about her past

- The fire works and they are able to sprint to the telecomm room -- breaking communication doesn't work meaning the hackers are in the field office

- The hackers know the team is on to them so they try to trap Weller and Jane -- Patterson is able to talk them through escaping

- Zapata tells Mayfair the truth about working with the ADA and looking into Mayfair -- Mayfair is very upset that Zapata doesn't trust her

- The hacker threatens to drop all elevators if his partner isn't released, but she is dead

- Patterson is able to sav all elevators except the one that has Reade and Sarah but Weller & Jane save them

- Sarah tells Reade that she is moving to Portland

- Weller and Jane flirt it up and then decide to go get a drink together but then Mayfair is arrested for first degree murder  -- Alex was a fake name and her real FBI file was erased and her GPS on her car lead them to Carter's body -- Oscar and Jane set Mayfair up for all these murders (the money she gave Sofia was in Alex/Donna's room)

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Blindspot Season 1 Episode 21 Quotes

Borden: Are you sure this is going to work?
Patterson: Oh, no

It’s better to have ten guns when you only need one then the other way around.