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The team investigates when a police man is murdered. The force don't want the FBI involved, but Mayfair makes a statement to them that they will find the bad guys. 

In flashback, we see Sofia, the other woman involved in daylight and we get the reveal that they intercepted phone calls. Carter tries to threaten both women, but Mayfair isn't scared of him. 

Sofia decides to kill herself when the realize the extent of what they've done. 

Another police officer is killed and it makes the team step up their search for the killer. They are shell shocked when the realize the killer is in the force and was blackmailing individuals with footage from body cams. 

Tasha is blackmailed by Carter and he informs her that her work is done when he says it is. 

The girls go out for drinks and try to find out which drink was Jane's favorite, but they have no luck. 

Weller comes to blows with Mayfair over daylight and he tells her he won't trust her again. 

When Weller arrives home, he meets his dad and they have a drink and get set to hash it all out, but will they ever be friends?

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Blindspot Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

The public wants us to win the war on terrorism.


Jane: What's going on with you and Mayfair?
Weller: Nothing.
Jane: Are we friends?
Weller: Course.

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