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The team investigates when Jane's tattoos become more important than ever when a man who does not want to be found, is found by the team in a signal blackspot. 

He quickly tries to get the upper hand, but it just isn't happening. Even when he's reeling in everyone in town, he still can't win. 

Patterson lets her boyfriend in a little too close and it leads to her getting a warning from Mayfair and ending the relationship. 

In flashbacks, we see the man with the tree on him planting a box which Jane later finds. 

Weller confronts Mayfair who warns him about project Daylight and lets him know he is one of four people who really knows what it is. 

Tasha is taken hostage and the town closes in on them, but the Sherriff turns against his people and helps rid the town of the bad guys, letting our team out with their prisoner. 

Mayfair claims to know him, but Kurt quickly realizes she's lying and calls her out, forcing her to come clean. 

Jane continues to try make sense of what is going on with her mind after all the dreams, but she has no clue what is going on.


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Blindspot Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Is there a reason you're waving Patterson of this case?


Tasha: So I guess you were afraid of flying in your past life?
Jane: I guess so.