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Jane meets Weller's family, but things get awkward when his sister brings his father up and Jane makes a quick getaway. 

The team are called out to a hostage situation and things escalate when the men in charge threaten to kill everyone unless he gets to speak to a government official. The FBI realize they are not going to be able to meet their demands because of the time it takes for the person to get there. 

When they tell the crooks, they open fire and it turns into a bloodbath. Carter shows up with the CIA and is pretty rude to Jane because her body led the FBI to a CIA black spot. He asks her to leave the room and calls her a civilian. She goes back to the FBI and starts examining the footage because she's sure something isn't right with the way it all went down. 

She realizes the 'civilians' were actually part of the plan and that they aren't good. It leads them all to a cemetery and a gunfight ensues, but Carter is in the shadows ready to kill Jane, but Mayfair stops him. 

Tasha goes to Carter in the end to get money in exchange for information on Jane.

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Blindspot Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Tasha: I don't want to eat cold pizza in your loser ass apartment.
Edgar: Fine, stay at home with your cats.

It feels like you're waiting on me remembering something that I'm never going to remember.