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When a group of people are killed in government vehicles, all signs point to a seventeen year old who created the app, but when the FBI breaks in to her apartment, she presents them with the shock revelation that she made it for the FBI. 

She's hauled in for questioning and she gets the news she feared the most: her contact in the NSA doesn't exist. The FBI takes pity on her and she helps them uncover clues about Jane's tattoos. They set her free when they catch the guys responsible. When she gets home, she is attacked and forced to help goons find someone. 

She hacks Patterson's FBI account so that Patterson knows something isn't right. When the team goes to her house, it's empty, but she leaves them a clue on the computer. When they track her down, they are attacked by a gang. They manage to save her life and end the gang. 

Weller is unimpressed with Jane when he gets bad news and just keeps picking on her. Jane makes it known to him that she's pissed off with the way he's treating her and he realizes his mistake and apologizes to her and offers her a new lead agent.

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Blindspot Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

I hate teenage girls.


Or Leonard Gailey does exist and the NSA is lying. Like they've done about everything ever.