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The FBI team returns after a search for Jane and Weller to find Assistant U.S. Attorney Matthew Weitz, who had leaned on Zapata to incriminate Mayfair, in their office "auditing" their investigation. Flashbacks reveal that morning Patterson had used fake profiles to get Jane and Weller hired for an illegal operation with criminals Lynn Burton and Clive Doyle.

Under interrogation the suspects' accounts differ wildly. Lynn reveals that the buyer was arms dealer Nico Marconi, who wanted the foursome to steal a green energy device from an environmental summit. Clive adds that they were posing as delegates and that Lynn gave Emile a radar jammer. The group realized too late that they weren't hired to be the thieves, but the distraction for the real heist.

Emile and Lynn made their escape, while Clive claims that he saw Jane and Weller flee in a black Cadillac before he was knocked out. The team tracks the car and finds Jane who says Marconi was really after a scientist named Chen who can make a tsunami bomb. Weller elected to sneak onto Emile's yacht to save Chen, who is set to be auctioned off to the highest bidder. And Weller is now on the block with her.

Nas goes behind Weitz's back to win the auction but Weller has already escaped causing a free for all. Once Marconi is apprehended and everyone else returns safely, Weitz threatens Nas with a new investigation and Nas gives Patterson access to her systems as a thank-you for her work.

Meanwhile Zapata asks Reade for help in getting Freddy's knife back into NYPD evidence; Reade suggests planting the knife in the car of a police lab tech before giving Freddy a bus ticket out of New York.

And Weller throws a baby shower for ex-girlfriend Allison, inviting Jane and finally calling her a friend again. Yet when Jane gets home an emotional Roman confronts her, telling her it's time for Phase Two.

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Blindspot Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Seems as though Weller and his asset Jane Doe simply vanished from a crime scene.


I have evidence for a murder case underneath a beach towel in my closet.