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Roman brings Jane back to the safe house, telling her "Twelve hours from now, this will all be over." Jane breaks into a filing cabinet and passes photos of Sandstorm's plan to the FBI. The organization is targeting the tri-state area's power grid to start a chain reaction that will throw the whole country into chaos.

Nas and Weller agree that it's time to attack the safe house but Weller is pulled away from the operation when he finds out that Allison has been severely hurt in a car accident. But when he gets to the hospital Allison isn't there; the phone call was a diversion to get him away from the team.

Roman drugs Jane so that Shepherd can interrogate her about being a double agent for the FBI. Shepherd reveals that Borden is the mole within the team, and flashbacks show that he was with Jane in Afghanistan three years earlier. The doctor who saved Jane was his wife and after her murder Jane convinced Borden to join Sandstorm.

The remainder of the FBI team walks into Shepherd's trap and are caught in the safe house when it explodes. Reade and Nas are stuck inside; Weller and Zapata come to their rescue and in the hospital Reade confesses that Coach Jones was still alive when he found him, and he let the other man die.

Then Shepherd orders Roman to kill Jane. He tries to turn the gun on Shepherd but there are no bullets; it was a test of his loyalty. As Shepherd attacks Roman, Jane breaks free and the two leave a wounded Shepherd behind. But when treating Roman's injury Jane stabs him with the amnesia drug instead.

Patterson arrives at Borden's house to find him preparing to flee and she recognizes his ring from Jane's drawing before. She realizes that Borden is the mole but he refuses to surrender. The episode ends with one of them shot but doesn't identify who.

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I figure we can dispense with the formalities.