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FBI engages in a shoot-out with perps. Turns out to be a movie set. Weller is there as FBI consultant for the lead actor.

Eight hours earlier: Roman calls Weller with a tattoo case to follow, hanging Berlin and Jane's daughter over his head. The case revolves around a film production company being used as a front for weapons traffickers and terrorists. Weller brings his "solve" to Patterson.

Zapata and Patterson tell Jane and Weller the truth about Hirst covering up evidence and being dirty. They are all worried about Reade being taken down with her.

In Barcelona, a PI brings Roman a file on Blake Crawford -- the woman he met and placed a tracking device on in a previous episode.

Rich Dotcom has arrived to help with the case. He has extensive knowledge about the actor involved in the case - Keith Rhodes. They figure out the terrorist behind the weapon movement, Nico, is planning an attack in NYC.

Patterson and Zapata want to re-scan Jane's tattoos so they have a copy of them file where Hirst can't manipulate them. First they have to figure out how to sneak the metal disc that activates the tattoos.

Jane tells Patterson to back off the search for her daughter, P disagrees with the decision but agrees.

Back on the movie set a prop malfunction almost kills Rhodes and Weller saves him. Weller believes this was a planned attack by Nico.

Roman puts himself in the path of ___ and the two head off to explore the city together.

Weller brings Rhodes into the FBI for "research." Jane and Weller end up actually interrogating him about Nico. He didn't know about the trafficking, but admits that his producer Booky brought Nico on board.

The team figures out that Nico has brought cyclocerin to NYC -- a nerve agent with no antidote.

Rhodes tells the team that Booky has phone recordings in his safe in his office that will reveal where Nico is holding his chemical weapons.

The team goes undercover in Booky's office and successfully steal the recordings. Patterson tells Weller that she has a lead on Jane's daughter and he asks her to give it to him instead of Jane. Rich suggests that Jane should continue the search for her daughter.

In Barcelona someone tries to steal Blake's bag. Roman grabs it back, and the guy pulls a gun. They scuffle and Roman ends up with a concussion.

Reade goes to see Hirst and questions her about not revealing her connection to Loey during their investigation. She deflects.

Blake takes care of Roman after his injury, they talk about her very rich father, they kiss.

Zapata shows Patterson that she found a way to sneak the metal disc out of the FBI so they can scan Jane's tattoos. Reade comes in and tells them to back off their investigation into Hirst.

Jane, Weller, and Rich reach the warehouse where the chemical weapons should be -- they're gone. Rhodes shows up and gets shot in the shoulder. A shoot-out ensues between the team and Nico's guys. Jane chases down one of the gunman.

They discover that the weapons are going to be released at an outdoor event held for first responders, police, and firemen.

Jane and Weller go head to head with Nico and his goons in an attempt to prevent the attack. With Rich's help they take everyone down.

Roman pays the guy he hired to stage the purse grab. The guy wants more money so Roman stabs him.

Patterson gives Weller the lead she had on Jane's daughter: contact info for a nurse who worked there when Jane gave birth and kept her own notes.

Weller goes to Jane and almost comes clean, she interrupts by showing her love for him, and he backs down.

Reade goes to see Hirst again about Loey. This time she is more threatening and reminds him that she overlooked his old drug habit and fast-tracked him into the Assistant Director position. Blackmail.

Reade shows up at Jane and Weller's place, admitting that Hirst is dirty. The rest of the team is already there and building a case. They're going to take her down.

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Blindspot Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Jane: Thought you had community service today.
Rich: And what better community to serve than my poor pop-culture-deprived friends with their Keith Rhodes case. Hey, I've been a big fan since his sitcom days. So few child actors make the successful transition into adulthood. He could've gone full Screech.
Patterson: Rich...
Rich: All I'm saying is you're gonna want me for this case. Also can you please sign this to get me out of community service? Thank you.

Now I know why you just called me on the phone. Because you know that if we're ever in the same room again... I am gonna kill you.

Weller [to Roman]