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The episode opens with a montage of Kurt & Jane getting married, moving to Colorado, and starting a life together. They're bliss is interrupted by an attack on Jane in their home.

CIA Agent Keaton reveals that a 10 Million dollar bounty on Jane's head and every major assassin in the world is after her. Jane goes on the run in the middle of the night, leading to the 18 months her and Kurt were apart.

In present time, Kurt has returned to New York after diligently searching for Jane. FBI Director Hearst shows up with a mysterious box that only Jane can open, and which also has the coordinates of her location. She also reveals that Reade, Zapata, and Patterson have been kidnapped.

Kurt goes to get Jane and they discover that a new set of invisible tattoos has been put on her body, only visible with the biometric tool found in the box. Jane believes Roman is responsible for her new ink. 

Kurt and Jane head to Venice, where he first proposed to her, after a clue from a tattoo. On the flight Weller reveals that during the past months Reade has become head of the NYO, Zapata moved to the CIA, Patterson has been in Silicon Valley developing apps, and Rich Dotcom is now an FBI consultant.

Reade, Zapata, and Patterson wake to find themselves locked in a cage, with food and water. Reade hasn't spoken to Zapata in the year since she left for the CIA. 

In Venice, Jane & Weller discover a phone which leads them to Roman. Roman has a plan to fake Jane's death to get the bounty off of her head.

Jane and Weller chase Roman through Venice. He escapes, but Kurt gets his phone. While the FBI works to crack it, Kurt and Jane execute Roman's plan and succeed. The FBI figures out that Roman sold the team to the Venezuelan government.

The Venezuelan captors bring the team a large safe which they ask Patterson to crack. Reade and Zapata feud, Patterson discovers a CIA computer in the safe. She hatches a plan to blow it up so the three of them can escape.

On their way to rescue the team, Jane and Weller discuss the status of their relationship. Kurt wants it to go back to the way in was. Jane talks of the freedom she found while in hiding.

Reade, Zapata, and Patterson manage to break out and Jane and Weller show up in a tank to escort them out. 

Back in New York, the FBI scans Jane's new tattoos. Hearst and Keaton argue whether the FBI or the CIA should have control over the case, and Reade proposes a joint taskforce. The rest of team agrees.

Kurt and Jane return to their old New York apartment that's been packed up, christening it once again.

Hearst and Reade talk about the new dynamics in the team and how the time away has affected everyone.

Zapata points out one of Jane's new tattoos to Keaton and they agree to try to hide it from everyone.

An quick altercation between Paterson and Rich Dotcom suggests they have been in some sort of romantic relationship in the time that everyone has been apart.

Jane hides stacks of cash in various denominations in the vents of their apartment.

Roman catches Weller outside of their apartment and requests a favor regarding the tattoos. When Weller tries to refuse, Roman blackmails him by threatening to tell Jane about "what happened in Berlin."


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Blindspot Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

I'm sorry. I knew that you loved me so much that you would walk away from your whole life. But I loved you too much to let that happen.

Jane to Weller

Patterson: I might have an idea. But it's just like, a little bit crazy.
Zapata: Crazier than getting killed in six hours?
Patterson: Well it involves Mexican-style chicken stew.
Reade: Oh, great, so "all the way" crazy.