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The episode opens with a couple of hunters getting taken out by unknown mercenaries. 

We get a glimpse of domestic life with Kurt and Jane. Viewers and Jane discover that Kurt spent all of his money searching for Jane. 

Patterson bickers with Stewart over control of the lab. Stewart and Weller both have tattoos they want to crack -- Weller has had help from Roman with his.

Zapata is skeptical of Weller's ability to solve the tattoo on his own. Nonetheless, the team cracks it and follows Kurt's hunch, despite Reade's reservations.

The team searches and empty field and see a satellite fall from the sky. The code on the sat matches Jane's tattoo.

Before they can get anymore info, the mercenaries show up, start shooting, and take the satellite's black box.

Weller and Reade struggle with who's in charge. Reade reaffirms his authority and expresses skepticism to Weller about how he solved the tattoo.

Roman attends some sort of group therapy meeting and talks about being lonely and calling his own shots for once.

Two techs from the department responsible for the fallen satellite's technology. After some prompting they reveal they are actually from the Department of Defense and the satellite protects the US from missiles.

America and their allies are now at risk. Zapata reaches out to Keaton at the CIA who believes it's North Korea is the threat and California is the target.

Stewart identifies the mercenaries -- an old acquaintance of Jane's from her time on the run, Dwire. Kurt is unimpressed.

Roman hangs out with his new buddy from the PTSD support group. He talks honestly about his and Jane's childhood. Struggles with how he thinks of Jane.

Jane tries to explain her behavior on the run to Kurt, claiming that she was trying to help people and enjoyed using her skill-set. He is upset that he doesn't know anything about what happened to her.

The team goes after Dwire and recovers the black box. Reade wants to offer him a deal in order to get intel about North Korea's plans, but Hearst thinks he's overcompensating because the team is back together.

Jane chats with Dwire and he team discovers that it's the female tech, Marcy, who has been leaking information to the North Koreans.

Roman hangs out with his new friend from therapy, but we soon realize he's been plotting all along. The guy is a millionaire and Roman kills him in order to take his identity and his fortune. For what? Who knows.

There is tension between Jane and Kurt but they vow to be honest with each other and not to let Roman's manipulations tear them apart.

The team goes after Marcy and find her dead. Kurt and Jane take out the North Koreans and save the satellites in the nick of time.

Reade gives the team a pep talk and a thank you, promises that working together will become smoother over time.

Kurt burns dinner for Jane and she reveals to him the stash of money that she was hiding in the apartment -- wages from her mysterious work when she was away.

Zapata goes to see Reade to reestablish their friendship and is introduced to his live-in girlfriend.

Patterson goes to Stewart's apartment to apologize for being so harsh towards him, and finds him dead. Dun dun dun.

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Blindspot Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

Jane: Where is this tattoo on my body?
Stewart: Left breast. Chest! Left chest area.

Weller: I spent a lot of money trying to find you.
Jane: How much?
Weller: All of it.