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In the cabin in Iceland, Reade and Zapata finally give in to their feelings for each other. Afreen tells Director Weitz she has found the team by tracking communication on Rich's burner phone. Weitz slips away to call them about the drone strike. Jane sees the cabin explode. Two months later, Weitz's new boss is Madeline, who wants to track down the rogue FBI agents. A bird symbol overrides Times Square electronic billboards. After receiving a text, Jane heads to Prague, where she reunites with Weller, Patterson, and Zapata. They have to solve the mystery of the Times Square bird. Patterson figures it out, revealing that Rich Dotcom is being held at a CIA black site known as "The Boat." Rich is being transferred to North Korea. Zapata knows where The Boat is. Jane and Weller are going to meet in Berlin with Shohid Akhtar, whose brother was held at the same site. Shohid will give them blueprints to The Boat if they kill the lead torturer, Rafael Pierce. Jane has to remain behind with Shohid as a hostage. Afreen gives Madeline fake coordinates. Weller finds Rich but Rich wants the tracker in his neck removed before they leave. Weller disables it with a taser. Weller gives Shohid a hand as proof of Pierce's death. Madeline brings in her own team of mercenaries to find Weller and his squad. Rich learns that  Reade died saving Zapata after the blast. Someone is still sending tattooes for the agents to solve. Weller tells Jane she will need to lead the team now that it's on the run. Rich tries to console Zapata. The team formally says goodbye to Reade. The mercenaries are hunting for the fugitives in exchange for a chemical weapon. 

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Blindspot Season 5 Episode 1 Quotes

I want them found, all of them.

Madeline [to Weitz]

Afreen: Can I trust you?
Weitz: Yes, of course.