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A popular bouncer named King denies Vince Walker access to a nightclub.  Vince threatens to kill him as he leaves.  Sure enough, later on that night King is shot and killed.

Danny and Jackie question the club owner, Sabrina. Sabrina shamelessly hits on Danny even after he says he’s married.

Walker has rented a chopper to take him to Mexico to escape arrest.  Danny and Jackie stop him at the helipad.  But Walker actually has an alibi, he just didn’t want to share it.  He spent the rest of that night with a dominatrix.  She has him on video wearing a diaper and a dog collar.

King’s girlfriend, Benita says that King was in debt to an underground casino run by a man named Lemon.  When the detectives interrogate Lemon he affirms that King owed him $100,000 but that he didn’t kill him.  King had agreed to come work for him and leave Sabrina’s club.

The enhanced video from the club shows that the bullet ricocheted off a pole before it hit King.  He wasn’t the intended target, Sabrina was.

Sabrina admits she and King were having an affair.  King had left his e-mails open and his girlfriend, Benita found out about the affair just as she was about to tell him she was pregnant.  She took the gun King had given her for protection and tried to kill Sabrina, accidentally killing King instead.  

Frank considers his old partner Jimmy for a promotion to Deputy Chief.  Jimmy saved his life years back but Henry doesn’t trust the man.  

Frank gives the promotion to someone more qualified but then finds out that Jimmy is fudging the crime statistics for his precinct in hopes of getting the promotion.  Frank threatens to demote him and transfer him to Staten Island.  Jimmy chooses to retire instead.

Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Ah-ha. Jimmy Burke of the Two One. I thought I heard something slithering.


Henry: You couldn't inherent your mother's cooking right, you had to get that elephant memory of hers.
Frank: Yeah, but I got your sunny disposition.