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Here's a rundown of this week's episode of Blue Bloods:

- Anna Zolton, a former escort Danny helped while working on a case, calls him in the middle of the night asking for help.  She hangs up before telling him where she is.  The next morning her body is found in the river.  She’s been strangled.

- Danny and Jackie investigate her murder.  Her former boss, John Vega was harassing on her at work and she threatened to call the police.  Vega says his alibi is an escort named Jolene.

- Jolene is scared but confesses that she was friends with Anna and was hiding in her apartment when she witnessed Vega strangling Anna.  Jolene gives a statement and Vega is arrested.

- Erin’s case against Vega begins to fall apart.  The defense wants a copy of the witness statement that will let Vega know Jolene turned him in.  Also, Vega is a key witness in a case for the FBI.  They want Vega set free so they can continue to use him to take down a major crime family.

- Frank suggests finding out what the FBI has on Vega.  Erin gets copies of FBI surveillance tapes and Danny and Jackie view hours of footage.  They soon realize why Vega has always walked away from criminal charges;  He is paying off a judge.

- Judge Fenton in arrested and Erin makes a deal with the FBI to allow both cases to go forward against Vega.

- The body of nine years old Leo Gates is found 25 years after his disappearance.  It was Frank’s case when he was a detective.  Frank is consumed by the reopened homicide investigation.  He pulls all of the old files and orders all of the witnesses re-interviewed.  He then informs the mother that her son’s remains have been found.

- Frank can’t let the case go.  He cancels all of his appointments, including those with the mayor and the FBI.   The mayor is furious.  Frank hounds the lead detective on the case.

- Eventually, Frank helps deduce that it was Ted Wessell, the superintendent of the building where the boy was found.  The child was killed with a blow to the head from a hammer.  Frank remembers speaking to Ted the day after the disappearance and noting that his tool belt was missing a hammer.  Ted confesses to the killing during Frank’s interrogation.

Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

It's the losses that keep you up at night.


Jack: What's a call girl?
Linda: That is a girl who talks on her cell all the time.
Jack: So, kind of like Aunt Erin?