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On this installment...

- Louie, a witness against gang leader Pablo Torres is run down by gang members.  Louie survives but flees the country.

- Having lost her witness, Erin decides to change her case.  She targets Pablo’s brother Esteban for money laundering. Pablo has been financing Esteban’s community learning center. 

- Esteban tells his brother the DA wants him to testify.  Pablo tells Esteban to do so.  Pablo says he can thrive in prison but Esteban won’t survive.

- Esteban testifies at the grand jury hearing and the DA gets their warrant to arrest Pablo.  When they arrive at Pablo’s club, they find him dead.

- Grumpy, one of Pablo’s own men shot him because Pablo was protecting his brother, who is now a snitch.  Grumpy is in custody but tells detectives that Esteban is next.

- Danny uses Grumpy’s phone contacts and sends a gang member information about Esteban’s movements.  When the gang makes their move, the police are in place to take them down.

- The District Attorney is planning on running for mayor next year.  Frank convinces him that it would be good for his campaign to help save the community learning center.  Somehow, the DA helps locate the funding to keep it open.

Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

You're some piece of work Reagan. High heels and brass knuckles.

District Attorney

Seems you made a deal with the devil. I'm afraid your bill has come due.