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- Jamie meets with an FBI agent in Chinatown and tells her he won’t be a part of the Blue Templar investigation.  While leaving the agent, Jamie stumbles across two armed men in an alley trying to abduct a young Asian woman.

- The young woman gets away.  One suspect flees in a vehicle while Jamie chases the other on foot.  The man runs into the street.  He is hit by a car and killed.  The coroner finds a small amount of blood on his body that doesn't belong to him but to a pregnant woman.

- Internal Affairs investigates Jamie’s role in the man’s death.  Detectives can’t find the other suspect or the woman they were trying to abduct.  IA is curious as to why Jamie was in Chinatown in the first place.  Witnesses saw Jamie speaking with a woman just before the incident.  Jamie lies and says the woman was just a tourist when in fact it was his FBI contact.  Internal Affairs questions his story.

- Danny investigates the abduction hoping to clear his brother.  He and his partner track down the other suspect, Nelson Chiu.  Erin tells him they don’t have enough to hold Chiu and they have to let him go.  Later Chiu is found shot to death.

- Danny and Jackie check out a free clinic in Chinatown that helps pregnant woman.  They find a brochure that encourages women to give up their babies for money.

- The Triad gang is running a baby selling ring.  They get poor Asian immigrants to give up their babies for $5,000.  Then the babies are adopted/sold to wealthy American families for up to $70,000.

- Ming Na, the pregnant woman who was nearly abducted, changed her mind.  She wanted to keep her baby.  Danny and Jackie find her just as a Triad doctor is about to kill her and take the baby.

- Jamie’s FBI contact shows up at the precinct pretending to be a tourist and backs up Jamie’s story, thus ending the Internal Affairs investigation.

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Yeah, I ran it. Where do you think I was, ordering pizza?


Hey! That better mean 'try the fried rice' or you're coming too.