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Frank is gunned down coming out of a restaurant. He receives wounds to his shoulder and chest but the doctor says he was very lucky and will be released in a couple of days.

Danny and Jackie, along with the rest of the NYPD are investigating the case. The car used in the drive by is found abandoned and initial evidence leads them to believe the shooting may have been the work of a Mexican cartel.

Danny tracks down the driver of the vehicle but he is murdered before they can bring him in. However they find his cell phone which was used to call Rory Brennan several times the day of the shooting.

Rory Brennan is the son of Whitey, who was head if the Irish Westies back in the 1970s. Frank was in charge of an operation to arrest Whitey at a church. When Whitey’s men opened fire and police returned fire, Whitey’s wife and infant grandson were killed. He still blames Frank.

Danny and Jackie find Rory visiting his father in the hospital. Rory shoots and wounds a nurse before Danny kills him.

Believing the threat is over, Frank attends a ceremony honoring his late son Joe.

After questioning the nurse, Danny realizes that Rory was working with his brother Kevin and rushes to the ceremony. Danny and Jamie arrest Kevin before he can try and shoot Frank.

Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 1 Episode 15 Quotes

It's like Mayday in Moscow out there.


To dodging bullets.