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Let's go over this week's episode of Blue Bloods, shall we?

- Chloe is kidnapped while walking home from school.  The kidnappers want five million dollars in diamonds for her release.

- Danny and Jackie investigate and quickly deduce that Chloe and her boyfriend Drew staged the kidnapping.  They track down Drew’s address but find he’s been killed.

- A video is e-mailed to the parents.  Drew’s friend Taze has kidnapped Chloe, for real this time, and wants one million dollars for her return.  The detectives track down the factory where Taze is holding Chloe through clues they find in the video.  The detectives and swat storm the building but Taze kills himself instead of surrendering.

- Chloe confesses that she and Drew staged the kidnapping.  They paid Taze $100 to be their driver but he got greedy, killed Drew and took Chloe hostage.  Chloe thought if she staged her own kidnapping her parents would stop fighting and get back together.

- Frank’s cleaning lady, Inez laments that her son was arrested for robbery but is innocence.  Frank says that officially he can’t get involved but he does ask the detective on the case to take another look at the evidence.  She soon finds that the boy's Metro card places him at a different location at the time the crime was committed.  Inez’s son is released.

- Erin makes plans to have dinner with her daughter for Valentine’s Day but Nicky decides to surprise her Mom.  She notices the sparks between her Mom and Charles Rosselini and invites him to dinner with them.  When Erin finds out she cancels the dinner with Rosselini explaining that any relationship between them would be complicated.  Besides, she already has plans for Valentine’s Day.

- On Valentine’s Day night all of the unattached Reagans, Erin, Nicky, Frank, Henry, and Jamie get together for a special dinner where they toast to “better luck next year.”

Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 1 Episode 14 Quotes

Renzulli: But Valentine's Day. That's when I go all out, Kid.
Jamie: What's all out for you Sarge? Two for one Mondays at The Pig & Whistle?

Valentine's Day. Ugh.