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-Danny steps into a convenience store and witnesses a murder in progress. David Taylor is shot to death by drug lord Romundo Salazar. David was having and affair with Sylvia, Salazar's girlfriend.

-Salazar kidnaps Danny's wife Linda to prevent him from testifying.

-Salazar's burned out Hummer is found with a body inside. It turns out to be his girlfriend, Sylvia.

-Jamie tracks down the body shop that tricked out Salazar's Hummer. The mechanic gives up Salazar's address.

-Danny, Jackie, & a SWAT team rescue Linda.  Danny testifies and Salazar is indicted. 

-Erin realizes that Salazar's mole is actually Lyle, the Special Narcotics Prosecutor and she and Frank have him arrested.

Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 1 Episode 18 Quotes

I like that you don't sugar coat anything. It's refreshing after a full day of lawyers.


I don't know any saviors that carry glocks and shoot kids in cold blood.