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Frank has been called in about a girl who used a courtesy card after being arrested in the middle of the night. It turns out to be Lenny's daughter. Lenny rambles about his daughter looking like her mother. He says she was holding the drugs for a friend.

Erin is trying to interview a victim in the hospital when there is a lot of commotion and a guy with an injured hand shows up. Erin tries to interview him but a defense attorney shows up. She and Erin exchange words.

Jamie and Eddie talk to their boss. He wants to transfer Eddie to an undesirable precinct -- unless she wants to invoke the Reagan name, which she doesn't. The boss gives them a real estate agent.

Danny and Baez meet Maggie the psychic in the park. She has a victim for them but it's not their case. They say they can't take it but the guy pleads with them.

Lenny and Frank talk. Frank realizes this isn't the girl's first brush with the law. Lenny admits it. Frank says he has to teach her that life doesn't come with a safety net. 

Baez and Danny argue.. Baez thinks Danny should have talked to her before taking this case.

Erin wonders if the other lawyer is right that she has a reputation for being a bitch. Anthony points out that he is aggressive just like her and no one calls him a bitch. Anyway, this guy has done stuff like this before. Erin can't use that. He has footage of Olivia being thrown out of a car but no license plate. Erin says Olivia doesn't know that.

The realtor tries to sell Eddie and Jamie on a two year lease. Jamie seems skeptical while Eddie is excited. 

The victim's father shows the girl's bedroom to Danny, Baez, and Maggie. Maggie has visions of water and is sure Mr. Miller didn't do it. Baez seems irritated. Maggie says it is not easy to connect with a kid who has been murdered. Danny doesn't like the direction this is heading. Maggie says she doesn't need his help and walks off. Baez says DNA came back and the guy killed two other people.

Sid tells Frank that the report has been amended to report that Lenny's daughter had a ton of attitude. It was changed because Sid told them that Frank wanted the truth.

Garett says if the DA tamps down the charges it will be covered in the press and will hurt Frank. Sid wonders when Frank will stop letting Lenny ruin his life. Garett agrees.

Maggie shows up and tells Baez she thinks the killer is luring victims by offering to use them as subjects for paintings. Baez tells her that she should stop disrupting Danny's life. She thinks she should back off. Maggie says she has no ulterior motive. Baez says she's not a cop. Maggie says her daughter was killed in college and she learned to live again by giving back to others. She doesn't need to protect Danny from her.

Anthony interviews Olivia. He shows her the car. She says she can explain. Anthony says how can she defend a guy that beats her up? He tells his ten year old that the single most important decision is who to spend her life with. He wants her to tell him the truth so the guy can't get away with hurting her anymore.

Frank meets with Carrie. He says he's been friends with her father since he was her age. Frank wants the truth. She says she is telling the truth. Frank smiles at her and takes away her drink. He says he can get a DNA test off it, so how good is her bluff? She wants a lawyer. Frank says she can do that but his courtesy can turn into something she'd rather avoid. He says he thinks she looked Lenny up and wanted to catch the wave of his nice lifestyle. Carrie admits she got the DNA test using her half-sister's DNA. She says her half-sister is a lot worse than her and she did them all a favor with this scam.

The defense attorney comes to see Erin and be obnoxious. She wants aggravated harassment.  Erin holds out for assault. Defense attorney doesn't think he has a case and calls Olivia a golddigger. She's mad that Erin had him arrested at his workplace. Erin informs her that Olivia will be testidying against her.

Eddie says marriage is about compromise. So since she's working at night he has to quit looking a gift horse in the mouth. Jamie thinks this is a test to see if they have integrity or to blackmail them. Eddie thinks he is cynical. Jamie says she is gullible.

Danny says they are looking for a common demoninator among the victims. They find a screen name that DM'd all the victims on Instagram. They find he DM'd another potential victim to meet him at Prospect Park in 20 minutes Danny and Baez get there in time to see a girl running. The girl is upset and says she was running towards the guy but a lady got in the way and said this guy was dangerous. They realize that Maggie interfered with their investigation.

Frank tells Henry he's thinking about giving the girl immunity and keeping her secret so she can have a second chance. Lenny loves her and he doesn't want to take that away. Besides, Carrie said the half sister is worse. Henry is dubious. Frank doesn't know what to do. Lenny told him he never said he had a daughter because he was afraid Frank and his model family wouldn't understand. Henry says invite him to dinner on Sunday and we'll get Danny all riled up.

The boss asks how the househunting is going. Jamie says they are not comfortable getting a discount for being Reagans. The boss says it wasn't a test but confirmation of their integirty. He has a rent controlled apartment for them that belonged to his mother. 

At dinner, Lenny is the only one who can crack a crab leg.  Henry starts up about how cops are being limited in what they can do. THis leads a debate about body cams. Danny insists all cops are good cops and body cams get in the way and give bad guys too much power. Erin is the only one who thinks civil rights are important. Everyone starts talking at once. Jamie realizes this was all for Lenny's benefit. He doesn't know why. Lenny says he does and thanks Frank.

Baez and Danny look at security footage and find the car used belongs to a trucking company.

The defense attorney questions Olivia about how much Spencer gives her. Erin objects The defense attorney gets Olivia to say Spencer didn't hit her. Olivia claims that Erin pressured her and so she lied. 

Baez and Danny got to the locationthe car is registered to. The suspect is gone. They go out back and find him in his car. There is gasoline under the car. The suspect says stay back and produces a lighter. Danny asks where Maggie is. Suspect says he may or may not have killed her and sets himself on fire. Danny finds Maggie in the trunk and gets her to safety seconds before the car blows up!

Anthony is a couple blcoks away from Erin. She tells him to call 911. Olivia is threatening Spencer and telling him to get out of her house. Erin comes in wih a gun and says that the cops are on the way. Olivia claims John tried to kill her. She stabs John and gets shot.

The defense attorney says Spencer is not a client anymore and she will represent Erin if needed. She is glad she is okay.

Anthony says Erin shouldn't have gone in alone but he admires her chutzpah.

Danny tells Maggie that she will be okay and she saved the girl's life. He apologizes for giving her a hard time. Maggie says her gitt/curse alienates people. Danny offers to drive her home. Baez comes in and asks if he is ready to go. Maggie says she will catch up with him another time.

Frank tells Lennhy that Carrie is not his daughter. He says Carrie took some DNA off her half sister, Lenny's real daughter. Lenny is shocked. Frank says she is on the other side of the door if he wants to meet her. Lenny asks what she is in jail for. Frank says grand larceny auto. Lenny asks how he will know which one she is. Frank says you're a cop, you'll figure it out.

Lenny goes in and looks around the room. He goes up to a woman and says he knew her mother. He awkwardly tells her without telling her that he's her father. 

Jamie and Eddie are introduced to their new apartment. Jamie wants to carry Eddie over the threshold and asks the super to take a photo. Eddie decides she will be Officer Janko at work and Mrs. Reagan at home.






Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 10 Episode 1 Quotes

Anthony: And who the hell is she?
Erin: High priced defense attorney for guilty clients.
Defense Attorney: I see you still haven't changed. You're still a cold hearted bitch.

Lenny: I gave her a courtesy card just in case.
Frank: In case she got picked up with narcotics?
Lenny: She was just holding them for a friend.
Frank: Oh.
Lenny: She's a good kid.
Frank: Says every father ever. A courtesy card lets nobody's kid skate on a felony. Not even mine.