Garrett's Neighbor - Blue Bloods Season 14 Episode 6
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A woman can't find her daughter.

ANother cop tells Eddie she thinks her daughter didn't get into preschool because they were "expecting someone else."

Danny and Baez arrive at the scene of the missing persons case. The mother went across the street to the laundromat and when she came back her four-year-old was gone. The cops question the parents. The mother is beside herself and doesn't want them questioning her husband.

Erin speaks in front of a group of kids. A girl says that Erin locked her brother up for drug distribution.

Garrett has made an appointment with Frank under a false name. He brings his neighbor in. Frank asks why she wanted to see him. She says the NYPD stole her car.

Garrett says Geri should tell the commissioner. She says she's a delivery driver and she double parked to pick up an order and found her car was gone when she got back. However when the car was recovered it had drugs in it because the thief was a drug dealer. So now the car is being held as evidence. Frank says as it should be. She is upset that she doesn't have her car when she needs it for work. Frank says he is sorry. Geri wants him to help her get her car back.

Danny and Baex interview neighbors who all say Ava is severely autistic and noisy and bites people.

Eddie and the other cop want McNichols to let them investigate whether the rejection was racist.

Erin looks at the case file and says the girl called her a flip flopper and that the boy got a harsher sentence than he should have. She knows that conservative judges hand down harsher sentences but the middle schooler does not.

Frank wants to know what the story is with Garrett and this woman. Garett says this was for show to demonstrate Frank cares. Frank realizes Garrett cares about this woman. Garrett says if Frank is too busy he will ask Sid to call the 2-8.

Danny wonders if one of the neighbors took Ava. Baez points out that would be a punishment for them. She notices an altar in the background of a photo. Danny gets a call.

They find Ava's body in a flower bed. It is surrounded by candles. Christina comes running up and collapses in tears in Danny's arms.

The ME says Ava was handcuffed and drowned. She was found in a formal dress.

The girl says she went into foster care and she knows Erin is a stuffy white person who thinks she's going to adopt a poor Black kid and form an unlikely bond. She's not interested in talking.

Baez introduces Danny to her ex-partner, who knows a lot about voodoo. He is trained for investigations like this. From looking at the altar, he thinks that's what this is. The altar is a type of voodoo from the Dominican Republic.

The cops go to question a voodoo practitioner at a store. He says he can speak to misterios, the spirits who speak on a deceased person's behalf. He says Freddy is a frequent visitor. Christina believed, Freddy followed. He saw Freddy last Sunday and he gave him something for guidance and protection. The scent is the same as the one Ava was doused in.

Sid doesn't think this is the right thing to do. Johnson and Larkin from the 2-8 are here. The cops know Geri and say they followed protocol to the T. Frank asks why not just have photos for the DA instead. The cops say the DA's office won't accept that and he should speak to the prosecutor in the case, who is Erin.

Eddie is upset that McNichols has taken over the case. She plans to use the same script so that she can try to get her daughter into this school .

The admissions counselor is enthusiastic about Katie. She wants to learn more about Captain McNichols. She ends the conversation when she learns McNichols is a captain.

Danny and Baez confront Christina about her fights with Freddy. She admits Ava was different and cried a lot and she felt like she was going crazy. They ask her about 21 Divisions and arrest her for leaving her child unsupervised.

Frank goes to see Erin to talk to her about Geri's case. She doesn't know who that is.  She is surprised to hear about this case and says it was probably a rookie who got caught up in protocols. Frank says isn't that her responsibility? She says no, things get lost in the shuffling of the decks. / Frank says she's probably right. She knows that's not good. It means she's lost core values. Frank says they should try to remember why they fought every fight? She says she will when she frees up time. She asks him how to spell Geri's name.

McNichols meets Eddie and the other cop. She says Katie was also rejected. They realize the school is prejudiced against cops.

Baez questions Christina and tells her how her grandma always had prayers and strange items. She doesn't need to understand beliefs to respect them. Christina says no one tells you about the loneliness and how no one wants to be around a mom with a fussy baby. She and Freddy fought because she wanted to put Ava in a school for special needs. However, she doesn't believe he would hurt Ava. Baez says they have to find him.

Anthony has intel about Akeelah. Erin is too busy for this. He spoke to Akeelah's brother, who has cut off all communication with Akeelah so she wouldn't have a screw-up older brother and thought she would forget about him. He thinks Erin is the receiver of misplaced hurt and anger. Erin doesn't know what to do with this info.

Christina's story has checked out. What was Freddie's alibi? Freddie supposedly was making deliveries in Queens but his phone never left Washington Heights.

Erin delivers roast to the house. Frank apologizes for his earlier stubbornness. He asks her what is going on with her. She tells him about the kid and how this is the law but not justice. Frank says there's no department of between the cracks. He hasn't moved on from his cases. NEither has she. She goes home.

Freddie is found and is attacking the shopkeeper. He says this is the guy's fault. He said Ava was possessed and that this ritual would make her better. Now his baby's gone. Baez tells him to drop the knife. Killing himself will not bring her back.  Freddie finally surrenders and is arrested. The shopkeeper prays in Spanish.

Eddie talks to the admissions counselor who says the parents must also be a fit. She pretends to be a parent of a kindergartener who is annoyed by parents wanting safety officers in school. McNichols and Matthews show up. They confront the admissions counselor. They have a subpoena for application records.

Frank comes to see Garrett. He gives him Geri's keys and says it's parked outside the 2-8. Garett thanks him and asks if he can go find Geri. Frank says he can't come. 

Danny says it was actually nice having Wes work with them. He asks Baez to grab a drink. She invites Danny but he says you guys go and I'll take care of the fives.

Akeelah is annoyed that Erin called her to the jail. Erin says they have a lot in common. Akeelah says she is not a charity case. Erin says she is offering her the truth. She can be self righteous but Aleekah reminded her why she got into this job in the first place. She has arranged for Eli to visit Aleekah to explain. Anthony says Eli will not be in jail for long. Erin didn't realize Eli was Aleekah's guardian so they made a deal to get him out. Aleekah says Erin owes her a burger.

Garrett is at the family dinner and not sure why he is there. Sean is nervous about a graphics arts project. Danny interjects that's not what Seaon is supposed to be studying. Anyway Sean has drawn a superhero family portrait. Frank says Garrett is the best person to help Sean with his stage fright over presenting the portrait.  Garrett asks Sean why he made his family as superheroes. Sean talks about how they go into danger every day to help people. Garrett explains that a press conference and a speech are similar. He says that he is grateful to have the voice he does. He tells Sean don't speak about the carving, talk from your heart.

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