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-A killer targets hookers by sedating and then strangling them. Jackie decides to go undercover as bait to catch the killer.

-As Jackie goes to leave the hotel room after the sting shuts down, a young man shows up late for his "date." When Jackie tries to send him away his mother comes up behind Jackie and plunges a needle into her neck.

-Turns out the mother and brother of the first victim believe they are on a mission from God to kill these girls because of their sins.

-Danny arrives just in time to save Jackie and capture the murdering duo.

-Frank is under pressure to make cuts for the mayor's new budget. The head of the police union threatens Frank with a sick out if he does. Frank calls in the heads of all divisions to help decide where to make cuts and promises not to use the outsourcing the mayor is pushing.

-Henry is offered a consulting job at Ajax, a security firm the specializes in police outsourcing. He turns it down because the concept makes him uncomfortable.

-When Erin tries to expose Nicky to the arts, she catches the eye of Jacob and they go out on a date.

Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

I've got a good shared sacrifice. How about we outsource 911 to Bangalore.


Great News. Our only witness is a towel.