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-Henry has a heart attack while preparing for Thanksgiving dinner with Linda. Linda performs CPR and saves his life. At the hospital, Henry must have surgery to clear a blocked artery.

-The family gathers at the hospital.  Henry survives his surgery but is upset he will miss Thanksgiving dinner.

-Danny and Jackie investigate the case of Ayla, young woman who fell or was pushed out her window to her death.

-Ayla's brother didn't trust her boyfriend, Kurt but Kurt has an alibi.  His parents say they all went to Radio City Music Hall together.

-Turns out Kurt was also dating Ayla's sister. He went to break it off with Ayla, they had a fight and he pushed her out the window. Kurt's parents lied and are also arrested for obstruction of justice.

-A detective from the art theft division tells Erin that they are investigating her new boyfriend Jacob for several thefts.  Jacob tells Erin that he returns art that was stolen by the Nazis.  Erin is placed in a precarious position between Jacob's good intentions and the law.

-The entire family gathers at the hospital cafeteria to have Thanksgiving dinner with Henry.

Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

One year we lost a balloon to a nor'easter and we had to shoot it down.


Henry: Now that is some big bird.
Linda: I think it weighs more than Sean.