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-Frank is told that three men connected with a sleeper cell are headed to the city carrying a biological weapon and it will most likely be set off in the subway system but they have no further specifics.

-Frank believes their best chance to catch the terrorist is to keep the information quiet, while the mayor wants to announce it to the public. Frank threatens to resign if he does.

-When the terrorists are caught and hazmat is called in, Garrett tells the news that it is simply a police exercise in progress. 

-The stress of the day has Frank considering leaving his job but he chooses not to hand in his resignation.

-Danny and Jamie clash over an arrest as both feel they deserve the collar. 

-Danny gets  a lead on the cold case of a child abducted two years ago.  When a credible lead comes in, he asks Jamie to be his backup.

-The two arrest the kidnapper and find that the boy is still alive.  They reunite him with his mother and then head to the Reagan family Mother's day dinner.

Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 2 Episode 21 Quotes

You want me to take your only granddaughter to the Boom Boom room?


Your mother was a true New Yorker. Her first love was her city.