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-As Danny, Linda and the boys drive home, they hit a man who runs into the street while being chased by a gunman. 

-Danny shoots and the gunman fires back, narrowly missing Linda and the boys before getting away. Everyone is shaken.

-Danny and Jackie investigate. Linda asks Danny to hand the case off to another detective but he won't. When Jack comes home from school frightened by the incident, Danny talks to him about guns, showing him his. Linda is upset.

-The man hit by the car was residing in a local halfway house for criminals released from prison. A neighbor of Danny and Linda's mistakenly believed he was the man who mugged his daughter and decided to take justice into his own hands and ended up shooting at Danny.

-Frank sees a therapist because he can't sleep. His partner on 9/11, John McKenna is dying due to complications from breathing the air that day. He and Frank were both in the North tower when the South tower fell.

-Frank wonders why John got sick but he didn't but there are no answers. He speaks at John's funeral and visits the 9/11 memorial.


Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

The little boy you raped, you think he's better now?


Kick him in the shins, Jackie like I usually do.