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-One detective is shot and another one killed during an undercover drug operation that includes Danny and Jackie. The fallen officer, Detective Gates, is a friend of Danny's,

-Danny is on edge as he searches for the killers. The shooter, known as the Phantom, kills his accomplice. Then he hunts down Ray Bell, who informed on him to the police years ago. He holds his family hostage.

-Ray's young son, Derek is hiding in his bedroom while the Phantom holds the family hostage in the living room waiting for Ray to return. Derek lets Danny in through the fire escape window. Danny lures Phantom into the bedroom and shoots him dead.

-Detective Gates death affects the entire family. Linda helps the widow pick out a casket. Nicky spends time with his oldest daughter.  TheReagan family discusses the hazards of the life they've chosen over Sunday family dinner.

Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 2 Episode 14 Quotes

You have my 15 year old daughter performing for whiskey?


Look at the bright side. You still get to catch bad guys.