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-Jamie gets a call from Bianca Sanfino saying that Johnny Tesla is dead. When Jamie goes to see her she thinks Jamie killed Johnny in retaliation for the beating he took several weeks ago.

-Soon after Bianca disappears and Noble wants to know what Jamie knows. Jamie tries to back out of the undercover operation but when Noble says Phil Sanfino wants to see him, he goes.

-Phil and his enforcer plan to take Jamie to another location to find out what he knows about Bianca and Tesla. Just as they are dragging him into an SUV, the police arrive and pretend to arrest Jamie for the murder of Johnny Tesla, thereby saving him but keeping his cover intact.

-Frank runs into reporter Melanie Mane with whom he seems to have a friends with benefits relationship with whenever she's in town. While they're out, a man in a mask throws acid at Melanie but it hits her coat and not her face. 

-Franks has Danny and Jackie investigate. Frank and Melanie's relationship makes Danny blush as he gossips about it with Erin. 

-It turns out that Melanie's producer found out she was going to fire him and tried to retaliate by hiring someone to attack her. After an evening together, Melanie and Frank part as she heads off once again.

Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 2 Episode 15 Quotes

You know that thing that kids have about their parents sex lives. It kind of never really goes away.


Just point me where you want me.